Geek & Sundry: Call To Adventure Board Game One Shot

Very well acted play-through, with a lot of humor and hijinks. This is the second game-play vid I’ve watched. The game mechanics seem a little nerfed, but the story-telling aspects are top notch. Stick around to the end so you can hear the character life stories the players came up with. There are some surprises thanks to the Hidden Destiny feature.

Descrip: Overcome challenges and shape your character! In this week’s Game the Game, host Becca Scott is joined by James Katica and Amy Vorpahl to play Call to Adventure from Brotherwise Games. This character creation and storytelling game pits 2-4 players against each other to create the greatest destiny.

Thanks to Brotherwise Games for partnering with us on this video. Reveal your own character backstory:

List Of RPG Companies Freedom Lovers Should Avoid, 2021

Get Woke, Go Broke. Fuck you, WotC.

Link to RPG Site forum post where list is located.

Link to PDF version of list that you can download right now.

Descrip: RPG Pundit – The List That Drives D&D SJWs Nuts

Someone on theRPGsite made a list of Woke, Woke-Collaborator, and normal RPG companies. The D&D SJWs have gone completely nuts about it. But they don’t debate the accuracy of it; so why?


The worst of the worst:

  • Arc Dream Publishing (Delta Green) Delta Green Handlers guide has a whole section on Trump. They are actually more hostile to Trump than actual historical nazis.
  • Arcanist Press Only make diversity products, they based their company on their politics
  • Brittania Games (Chivalry & Sorcery, Land of the Rising Sun for 5e D&D) “… In this edition of the classic medieval fantasy game we have drawn on modern [i.e. Intersectional Marxist] research to present the Middle Ages as they really were; diverse and rich in cultural influences and visitors from outside Europe. If this does not reflect your vision of the Middle Ages, this is not the game for you.” and “… In this edition of the classic medieval fantasy game we encourage you to break away from the bland white, male Middle Ages of yesteryear and make your game as rich and varied as the Middle Ages really were. If this does not reflect your vision of the Middle Ages, this is not the game for you” -Marxists automatically go here.
  • BurningWheelHQ/Luke Crane (Burning Wheel, Torchbearer, Mouseguard) It was painful to put this one here because I remember I sort of enjoyed reading burning wheel back when Burning Wheel Gold first came out, it had some interesting ideas however I cannot ignore the fact that Luke Crane and his company have extremely close ties with Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency). You can find their selfies together online, as well as a report of her position being official on their old forums and any support of gamergate was forbidden. If you’re a masochist here is a link however the old forums are gone and there is no link to the original post however you can easily find the interview with anita on youtube with Luke Crane.
  • Evil Beagle Games/Sean Patrick Fannon Evil Beagle “Games is dedicated to the principles of Inclusivity, Diversity, Representation, and Kindness in the gaming community.” and went rambling on about critical race theory being a driving factor. Asked to be on this list as red. Also SPF has accusations of sexual harassment, see here
  • Evil Hat Productions/Fred Hicks (FATE RPG, Swords in the Dark)– Another poster child for woke gaming. Embedded in everything from their forums, to their products and staff. Also produces Thirsty Sword Lesbians with Gay Spaceship Games. Has gotten products pulled from one bookshelf, and tried to deplatform others. Has official stances on politics and must be intersectional feminist to play his games. Openly tells you if you don’t like their politics don’t buy their games. Too easy 
  • Gencon A convention, but honorary assholes nonetheless. They go a bit ban happy, see Jeremy Hambley and the whole thing with “nu-tsr” despite being short lived. Jeremy Hambly AKA The Quartering on youtube was assaulted by someone at Gencon, and banned for being the victim of a crime at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was founded by Peter Atkinson, former president of Wizards of the Coast.
  • Goodman Games (Dungeon Crawl Classics) – Tried to protect itself by distancing itself from Judges Guild and donating to ADL. Other than that, I can’t really find anything else on them. Praised BLM last year and donates to woke charities Charity Drive.  There is now an announcement that the next printing of DCC will be in all gender neutral pronouns we aren’t sure what that means and released what sounded like a fairly politically driven warning for conventions. Also their convention rules go beyond what is reasonable DCO Policies.docx (
  • Green Ronin (Blue Rose, Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Dragon Age RPG) – Chris Pramas is a self described member of ANTIFA Link (see his bio on twitter), has a vitriolic hatred for white people, and his products reflect this. Publishes “Blue Rose”, the gay RPG. Proto SJWs, they were making political statements in their games before anyone else was.
  • Grim and Perilous Games (Zweihander, Flames of Freedom, Blackbird) Freakin Dumpster Fire, Official discord and forums heavily enforce Daniel fox’s politics down to having a bot that blocks any message using banned words. A bunch of names are on that list. Flames of Freedom openly preaches against colonialism and white people, and has a heavy dose of historical revisionism, which is a fair critique of a supposed historical setting. Has allegedly stated if you are anti sjw or anti woke that you do not buy or play his games and will pay you for your copy. Also allegedly a self described “anarcho communist” both of these need citations but based on my own interactions and findings seem like reasonable assumptions
  • Judges Guild (Bob Bledsaw II) Anti Semitism, see Judges Guild Controversy
  • Kobold Press Chapter 2 of “Guide to Gamemastering” has a whole section telling the reader to “check your privilege” and the whole thing kind of reads like a gender studies course or something. Actively disparages cis white males. Also known to charge writers for the chance to write for them, and then prides themselves on paying them a penny per word.
  • Magpie Games (Avatar Legends RPG) Way into BLM and “Diversity and Inclusion, also hired Daniel Kwan from Asians Represent Youtube channel. They tried to get Oriental Adventures banned from one bookshelf and other storefronts. Market their game as non western storytelling.
  • Modiphius (Infinity, Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, Fallout RPG, Conan etc) Publishes some woke products, and feminizes Conan the Barbarian. Allegedly hires based on race. THese are also the current license holders for vampire the masquerade, which has been a trip to keep up with. See this Changes to Conan the Wanderer
  • Monkey House Games/Jeff Dee: Enormous asshole and activist. If you are republican or conservative or Christian this hates you.
  • Monte Cook Games (Numenera) Partners with Shanna Germain and wrote consent in gaming. Anything with Germain’s fingers on it is automatically red
  • MyFarog/Varg Vikerness Owns the blog Thulean Perspective, did time for murder, self described Neo Nazi, regularly posts anti semetic remarks. There is a good case to be made for these ideas to be actually in his game as well.
  • Ockult Ortmastare Games/Stockholm Cartell (Mork Borg) – Uses OGL to shoot down authors they disagree with. Supports BLM and bailing out rioters. View their License for yourself but we need some concrete examples of them actually using this Mork Borg 3rd Party License
  • Old Skull Publishing/Diogo Nogueira (Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells) Was previously placed here for an unsubstantiated rumor, however has expressed a strong desire to remain in this category due to a strong feeling to those who don’t specifically share his views. Keeps close relationships with self described communists as well. It’s public on his twitter feed. Openly mixes politics with gaming as well Example: Experience Points: Oranoslob and the Cult of Hate and Lies (
  • Onyx Path Publishing (Chronicles of Darkness) Heavily enforces political requirements in their communities, games are full of post modernist and leftist themes and preaching to no end.
  • Paizo (Pathfinder)– Has whole pages in their books telling you how you must play their game and be inclusive. Harasses customers, aggressively moderates forums against anyone to the right of stalin, Retconned Golarion lore to be more inclusive, starfinder even had an adventure where you needed to get a professor at a university to apologize for being insensitive despite being factually correct. No lie, first adventure path. Another AP for Pathfinder showed all men as incompetent, read like a tumblr blog and all the women were super powerful and if you didnt bring the black, lesbian, disabled ranger with you then you automatically lost. Iron Gods or something like that.
  • Pelgrane Press (13th Age) “The thing about SWGs (Straight White Guys) is that they make great punching bags. ” Still need a citation for this but for now it’s going red. Also published #Feminism
  • Renegade Game Studios (Vampire the Masquerade 5e) I believe these guys are the current name of who owns VtM. Not sure where to start with these guys, nonstop preaching, large chunks of their books will be ranting about fascists, right wing, and pretty much everyone they disagree with.
  • Roll20 (Virtual Tabletop) Strongly supports BLM and woke titles, participates in fund raisers for those causes. Also refused to sponsor a live play by taking20, dawnforged cast and a few others because they “didn’t need any more straight white guys.” Not sponsering the video isn’t the problem here, it’s their reason is racist as fuck
  • Sigil Stone Publishing (Five Torches Deep) Just read the last page in FTD Origins. Titled: “BIOESSENTIALISM, RACISM, AND COLONIALISM
    Stygian Fox (The Things We Leave Behind, Occams Razor, New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley) A transgender owner and fully inclusive team including a sexual and bisexuals. Hires favouring trans, people of colour, IDIC, and other minorities. Each book contains a trigger warning system and most covers has ‘for mature gamers’. Produces Lovecraftian horror roleplaying books and often makes statements via twitter of inclusivity and stating ‘if you’re not like us, don’t buy our books’. Definitely Red. Almost infra red. ‘Woke’ AF.
  • Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons) – Harasses customers, diversity checkboxes, hires based on race, pedo judges, bans anyone they disagree with on social issues from all sanctioned events. True dumpster fire.

Jason Bulmahn: Basic Of D&D/Pathfinder Worldbuilding

More of a dry explanation, with a few pointers and a lot of exposition about them, with a Q&A session at the end. I expected a little more in-depth detail from a lead designer at Paizo.

Descrip: In this video, I explore the basics of building a world for your Tabletop RPG game, starting with organizing your work, creating rings of design focus, and using play to drive your design. While the focus here is on fantasy RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, these techniques can be applied to just about any game. This lecture was broadcast live on my Twitch channel. You can join in the fun every Saturday at 4pm at

Brandon Sanderson: Lecture 1 Writing SF&F Intro

I just wasted the middle of my day looking for a literary agent. From what I’ve seen on a dozen sites, and you have to go through every single agent on a team just to see what they accept for submissions, agencies have over 90% female agents, with buzz words such as feminism, women’s voices, POC and LGBTQueer on their bios. Same goes for the rare male agent. From their listed publishing credits, I’m not seeing any balls in their books, and pretty much everything I write has big, hairy ones. That’s agencies in the US, UK, and even fucking India, for crying out loud. I’ve said it before: These suckers are so WOKE they would not publish the next Burroughs, Howard, Lovecraft, or even early King.

I’ll tell you right now, after what I’ve seen in the DC and Marvel Universe lately, on Amazon and other WOKE media venues, I could maybe turn the entire industry around with the stuff I’ve written. I’ve got the next Aliens / Starship Troopers in my novella Roaches In The Attic Zero, if I could get the right director for it, and I’m not talking about the asshole who did Love And Thunder, either. (Or Dr. Strange, or Rings Of Power, or, bahahaha, She-Hulk)

Anyway, I had this 2020 lecture playing in the background. I’ve heard several of Sanderson’s lectures before, but I might go through the entire series this time while I keep hunting for the best way to get my books in print.

Descrip: Welcome to my first (very blurry – it should be fixed for the next upload) lecture of my BYU 2020 creative writing class. As you probably surmised from the title of the video, I focus on writing science fiction and fantasy.

This class was more of an introduction for the rest of the term but I do discuss a few important things: creating writing habits, a bit about discovery/architect writing, and how writing groups should work.

The Weeping Thing – erotic horror novella

Recently re-released and reformatted. This novella is not for wimps. Read 20% of it on Smashwords, or buy the whole thing for a buck ninetey-nine.

About this title: What is that Weeping Thing, that draws the lonely and dejected into the woods, that entices them and provokes them, and gives them pleasures such as they have never known? Arousing and sensual it is, as well as mysterious and haunting. The price these poor outcasts must pay for their escapades is both crucial and final. It is the ultimate sacrifice: their soul. Rating: EXTREME controversy.

Dicebreakers: Alien RPG One Shot

Sticks close to the ’79 original movie plot, but there are a couple of humorous (and absurd) moments that made this a fun listen. Wait ’til you hear what the captain does when the shit starts to hit the fan.

Descrip: In space… no one can hear you in space. creeping from the shadows like a shiny black xenomorph it’s Alien: The Role Playing game! Featuring the whole Dicebreaker team with Wheels in the DM chair we’re taking a look at this Ennie award winning horror RPG as a hauler crew from Wayland Yutani find themselves in pretty hot water and some pretty cold black depths of space…

This video was sponsored by the Alien role playing game which you find out more about here –

Read the Dicebreaker review of the Alien RPG here:…

The Zombie Seven 1 – Hell’s Gate And Beyond novel

Recently re-released, this is my longest book to date. It’s action-based horror and dark fantasy, and my first attempt at creating a full world that wasn’t based on my modern experiences or Norse mythology.

About this series: There are many characters and many stories in the Chaos Rift Universe. Among the characters are heroes who strive to become great champions, reluctant sorts who are sucked into turmoil and must brave through great challenges, and anti-heroes that wreak as much havoc in their furies as the villains can. Each of these heroes and anti-heroes has a story to tell. These stories will be found in the Before The Seven books. When the many characters come together as a united force, sometimes cohesive, sometimes not so much, their adventures take place in The Zombie Seven. Explore their back stories, to see how these characters first came about, and then see how they will interact when thrown together into places that are beyond Time, beyond Space, and in some instances, even beyond Reason.

Series page on Smashwords.

About this title: Six be too few, eight be too late, Seven stand strong. Seven heroes face a nefarious plot to bring corrupt demons into our world. Defying them are the man called Satan, the prankster Barbas and a very real demonic threat. These heroes will battle in the black dimension known as Hell’s Gate, formed by dark ritual and the blood of innocents. This is only the beginning. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Title page on Smashwords.

Cyberpunk Generated Prompts

I’ve been collecting these bits and pieces since late 2018, when I went on a tear and cranked out 8 cyberpunk novels in a row. I’ve gone back now and consolidated my two genre lists of prompts into one 60 page guide and posted it in Drive Thru RPG. It is a Pay What You Want title, so you can download a free copy whenever you want. Here’s a direct link to this title.

About this title:

The Skinny: 64 pages of pre-generated examples from 38 free online random item generators and 1 book found on Drive Thru RPG, all focused on the theme of cyberpunk.

The Bacon: This is a big, big list of cyberpunk prompts that you can use to inspire your story-telling, in a number of different categories. This was the first set of prompts I used as road signs for 8 novels and 1 novella, but they were written into 2 different files and I’m finally getting around to organizing them into one volume. Use them, abuse them, find the links in the sources list and go generate your own prompts.

Everything I earn from this article will go to the creators of the online generators, because they went through the trouble of creating these generators for you and me to use.

Major categories in this article:

* the 13 illuminati families

* cyberpunk names

* characters and motivations

* adventures and scenarios

* corporation names, issues and slogans

* cars, fashion and more

* mutant backstory

Die In The Disco 5: Darkwave, Coldwave Mix

Music to listen to while I dive into dark cyberpunk fiction, featuring DJ SVMMON, Evil K and Black Angel. I could play this as background music, but I’d rather watch the first part. Have you ever seen a woman slink like that?

How about a story idea, from the YT comments:

Plot twist: DJ is in fact alone in his room, but the music summoned a demon. DJ is completely unaware if it. Only fellow demons can see her. – Aaron Metallion

Legend says she’s still trying to make eye contact with the DJ – Patrick

Let’s be honest, we are all just here for this hot sewing machine they have in the background. Dam I need one too. – Shadow The Hedgehog

Neom: Saudi Arabia’s Future Sci-Fi Cyberpunk City

200 meters wide, 500 meters tall and 1 mile long. What could go wrong? Well, how about the 9 million people that are going to live there? How about the ‘autonomous services,’ which means Big Brother, around the clock surveillance? How about 100% renewable resources, including water? Yeah, that means making your waste taste good again. Sounds like a perfect place for cyberpunk dystopia, but don’t worry, it’s totally safe for corpos to invest in, because the Saudis only stone women and hang gays from cranes outside the city.

An earlier, longer pitch, before the glass wall concept, can be found here:

Why Saudi Arabia Is Building A Linear City

Good ol’ Saudis are already displacing residents and killing opposition to the project:

Saudi Arabia’s Controversial Mega-City Project: The Line

There are other vids available on YT discussing this project, including an engineer citing average 40 degree temperatures C outside the wall (104 F), with a drop of only 5 degrees in the lowest city level. That’s still 95 degrees F, unless you’ve got massive cooling systems.

I am seeing this as a very good setting for a cyberpunk story. The line idea is pretty weak, though, because its infrastructure can’t withstand internal terrorism or external attacks, not to mention low morale for people stacked on top of each other and recycled waste.

If I wanted to create a good future city from scratch, I think I’d go with a circular grid and spokes radiating from the hub for energy lines and roads, with cars powered by air, water, solar or alcohol, which we would have already if The Powers That Be weren’t murdering all the inventors.

Wait, that’s a conspiracy theory. Big Oil is the way to go, because oil-based fuels are the only thing that can be used to power anything, ever. And, yeah, the US should sell even more high-tech weapons to the Saudis because… reasons.