George R.R. Martin: 10 Writing Tips On Game Of Thrones

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George R R Martin is an American novelist and short story writer, screenwriter, and television producer. He is the author of the series of epic fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire, which was adapted into the Emmy Award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones (2011–2019).

01 – The human heart in conflict with itself is the only thing worth writing about. You need characters to question who, and what, they are and how they fit within the world around them. This is key for character development.

02 – Write for yourself. Following trends, or pleasing your audience in spite of your own plans, harms good storytelling. Listening to critique is good, but inevitably you must be entertained and feel your way through the writing process.

03 – Anyone can die, and death is a key part of any story with conflict. Don’t give your characters any special treatment, have them play by the same rules you set upon your world. Not only does it add constant tension, but it also creates a realistic atmosphere.

04 – Sometimes an idea can just come to you. If so, do not disregard it, instead follow the idea as a writer and write it! It could either lead into an interesting project or serve as useful practice.

05 – Show don’t tell. Immersion is essential to any story. Only through visuals and vivid descriptions of your world, can your audience even start to imagine themselves in your world.

06 – Allow yourself to discover in the process of writing. While you need to know the major outcomes of the story, and character arcs, allow yourself to enjoy and be aware of your sixth sense on your way through the story.

07 – When writing a script, dialogue should never be too long. Other than a few monologues, or moments, keep it short and sweet. Also, read the dialogue aloud by yourself or with the cast, this is a simple effective way to see if it works.

08 – When adapting a novel, you’ll always lose some content. However, a good adaptation rides the fine line between cutting side content and keeping smaller meaningful moments that enrich the story.

09 – Being a writer is not a career for those who wish to be stable. It is a massive risk in every way. A true writer, even during the lows of their career, will never stop storytelling. It is essential to whom they are. So, from a beginner to a bestseller, never stop writing.

10 – The ending to an act is fundamental to keeping the audience engaged with your story. Leaving it on a cliff-hanger, or teasing the audience with a different outcome can be the best way to break up converging storylines and finished acts. 

NPC Archivist: Border Skirmish – Defender Vs Bandit

Use your imagination a little bit, and you’ve got a horde of opportunistic raiders carrying out multiple attacks against the armed and angry settlers.

This is one of the best NPC duels I’ve seen in a while. A true spectacle, showcasing their clear mastery of the blade. Most definitely not the ideal NPC to encounter with an under-leveled character.. tread lightly my fellow adventurers.

Inspired By M.C. – short story collection now available

Recently re-released and reformatted. This collection of short stories, novellas and poetry spans a number of genres, including fantasy, horror, science fiction, humor and erotica. The collection is currently available for $6.99 at Smashwords.

About this title: This is a collection of my artistic, romantic impressions, inspired from dialog with my female pen pal M.C. There is a broad range to these stories, including fantasy, horror, humor, science fiction and erotica. For a time, my entire perspective revolved around this singular woman. Da Vinci had his masterpiece in Mona Lisa, and in a similar vein I have mine in M.C. Rating: HIGH controversy.

This title’s page on Smashwords.

An excerpt from The Black Rose, included in this collection:

My dreams haunt me, of her. For weeks now, I have been having them. I have seen her everywhere in my house: on the porch during the morning hours, through the windows on both floors and in the various dark corners of the house during the day. Most recently, she has appeared at the foot of my bed, in the heart of the previous night.

So often have I seen this phantom, that I can now describe her with the utmost accuracy. She can’t possibly be of a higher stature than one or two inches past five feet. Her hair is fairly long, but I have not seen it in its entirety and therefore I cannot be completely certain. Her hair is either a very dark brown or as black as pitch, as are her eyes.

Those eyes, they pierce through me like daggers.

Definitely, her features are Spanish. With the slight upturn of her chin, she reminds me much of the regal portraits I have seen of that country’s queens and princesses. Her nose is pleasant enough, her lips sensual and thick, her jowls fleshy and soft, and her bosom prominent. Always, she is enrobed in a long and flowing gown of white, which seems to flow of its own accord, even when there is no breeze to taunt and stir up against it.

Were I any lesser man, or is it one less foolish, undoubtedly my house would already stand vacant. Alas, I have neither the relatives willing to take me in, nor the funds for me to procure a new place of residence. Any ideas of my departure most closely resemble a wingless fowl attempting to take flight. Ha!

My resolve has always been to remain here, in order to confront this enticing demoness that has chosen to plague me, if indeed a demoness it is…

Geek & Sundry: Call To Adventure Board Game One Shot

Very well acted play-through, with a lot of humor and hijinks. This is the second game-play vid I’ve watched. The game mechanics seem a little nerfed, but the story-telling aspects are top notch. Stick around to the end so you can hear the character life stories the players came up with. There are some surprises thanks to the Hidden Destiny feature.

Descrip: Overcome challenges and shape your character! In this week’s Game the Game, host Becca Scott is joined by James Katica and Amy Vorpahl to play Call to Adventure from Brotherwise Games. This character creation and storytelling game pits 2-4 players against each other to create the greatest destiny.

Thanks to Brotherwise Games for partnering with us on this video. Reveal your own character backstory:

Jason Bulmahn: Basics Of D&D/Pathfinder Worldbuilding

More of a dry explanation, with a few pointers and a lot of exposition about them, with a Q&A session at the end. I expected a little more in-depth detail from a lead designer at Paizo.

Descrip: In this video, I explore the basics of building a world for your Tabletop RPG game, starting with organizing your work, creating rings of design focus, and using play to drive your design. While the focus here is on fantasy RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, these techniques can be applied to just about any game. This lecture was broadcast live on my Twitch channel. You can join in the fun every Saturday at 4pm at

Brandon Sanderson: Lecture 1 Writing SF&F Intro

I just wasted the middle of my day looking for a literary agent. From what I’ve seen on a dozen sites, and you have to go through every single agent on a team just to see what they accept for submissions, agencies have over 90% female agents, with buzz words such as feminism, women’s voices, POC and LGBTQueer on their bios. Same goes for the rare male agent. From their listed publishing credits, I’m not seeing any balls in their books, and pretty much everything I write has big, hairy ones. That’s agencies in the US, UK, and even fucking India, for crying out loud. I’ve said it before: These suckers are so WOKE they would not publish the next Burroughs, Howard, Lovecraft, or even early King.

I’ll tell you right now, after what I’ve seen in the DC and Marvel Universe lately, on Amazon and other WOKE media venues, I could maybe turn the entire industry around with the stuff I’ve written. I’ve got the next Aliens / Starship Troopers in my novella Roaches In The Attic Zero, if I could get the right director for it, and I’m not talking about the asshole who did Love And Thunder, either. (Or Dr. Strange, or Rings Of Power, or, bahahaha, She-Hulk)

Anyway, I had this 2020 lecture playing in the background. I’ve heard several of Sanderson’s lectures before, but I might go through the entire series this time while I keep hunting for the best way to get my books in print.

Descrip: Welcome to my first (very blurry – it should be fixed for the next upload) lecture of my BYU 2020 creative writing class. As you probably surmised from the title of the video, I focus on writing science fiction and fantasy.

This class was more of an introduction for the rest of the term but I do discuss a few important things: creating writing habits, a bit about discovery/architect writing, and how writing groups should work.

The Zombie Seven 1 – Hell’s Gate And Beyond novel

Recently re-released, this is my longest book to date. It’s action-based horror and dark fantasy, and my first attempt at creating a full world that wasn’t based on my modern experiences or Norse mythology.

About this series: There are many characters and many stories in the Chaos Rift Universe. Among the characters are heroes who strive to become great champions, reluctant sorts who are sucked into turmoil and must brave through great challenges, and anti-heroes that wreak as much havoc in their furies as the villains can. Each of these heroes and anti-heroes has a story to tell. These stories will be found in the Before The Seven books. When the many characters come together as a united force, sometimes cohesive, sometimes not so much, their adventures take place in The Zombie Seven. Explore their back stories, to see how these characters first came about, and then see how they will interact when thrown together into places that are beyond Time, beyond Space, and in some instances, even beyond Reason.

Series page on Smashwords.

About this title: Six be too few, eight be too late, Seven stand strong. Seven heroes face a nefarious plot to bring corrupt demons into our world. Defying them are the man called Satan, the prankster Barbas and a very real demonic threat. These heroes will battle in the black dimension known as Hell’s Gate, formed by dark ritual and the blood of innocents. This is only the beginning. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Title page on Smashwords.

Sword And Sorcery Quick Plots And Villains

This article was recently updated. It is found on Drive Thru RPG, where you can Pay What You Want to get it. See the link below the description.

About this title: For role-players and storytellers, this is a quick resource based on Plots and Villains from the Sword And Sorcery genre. If you’d like to spice up your writing or game with ideas created by the masters: Howard, Moore, Lovecraft, and from additional resources such as The Savage Sword Of Conan comic book series, RPG game-play videos, and other similar resources, I’ve collected a couple of hundred of brief Plot and Villain descriptions that you can add to your story / game. Use your imagination and existing world-building tools to fill in the details. Roll a couple of d100, and you’ve got yourself a random story starter and foes for your characters to cross swords with.

*** This 8th version of this supplement contains over 169 Plots, over 169 Villains, both broken down into 4 Lists, and 30 Roll Your Own Campaigns inspired by popular Fantasy media, I’ll be adding more items periodically as I go along. ***

Pay What You Want for this article on Drive Thru RPG!

More of my articles are found on the Article Archive page of Raymond Towers Dot Com.

Smashwords Summer / Winter Sale From July 1st to 31st

All of my titles are on sale during the month of July! That’s 26 titles, and almost half of those are free or You Set The Price! Use code SSW50 to get the discount. Click here to see all of my titles on Smashwords!

A Terrible Thing To Waste – 50% OFF

Two black kids in the ghetto, making the hard transition from boyhood to manhood. It is bad enough that they’ve got the usual problems to deal with: poverty, crime, drugs, gangs. But there’s something else out there. Something sinister is stalking these two boys, drawing them closer and closer to its black web… something that might be trying to kill them both. Rating: MEDIUM controversy.

Apocalypse Now – 50% OFF

The end times are here, to be witnessed by humanity before, during and after the catastrophic events that will forever change life as we know it. Included is a collection of 31 titles, ranging from poetic fragments to three large story arcs in the dark fantasy and science fiction genres. Tales of doom, pain, loss and survival of the fittest. The Apocalypse has begun. Rating: MEDIUM controversy.

Before The Seven 1 – 50% OFF

Once upon a time, there was a miserly old man, and then a demon came along and killed him. That was just the beginning. This novel reflects a grimmer face of society than most people care to accept, where there are no clear-cut saints or sinners, only our own humanity. It is a macabre, twisted and bloody thing that has escaped from my mind. You have been warned. Rating: EXTREME controversy.

Before The Seven 2 – 50% OFF

Some people don’t ask to become heroes. All they want is to live a nice peaceful life, and to get laid every once in a while. Destiny, however, might have other plans for a few of us, evil plans including witches, Satanists, demons, zombies and even possessed babies. One man, Scary Peter, can’t hide from his destiny anymore. Destiny is coming, and it wants to kill him. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Demonic Murmurs – 50% OFF

This is a collection of horror. These nightmares will pierce into the deepest depths of your being, while in the shadows devils will dance and laugh at your pending demise. Will you listen to the Confession Of An Old Boxer or hear the cries of The Weeping Thing? Will you cuddle with The Devil’s Daughters or spend the night in the haunted Two Bedroom Cottage For Rent? Rating: EXTREME controversy.

Dobrynia’s Path 1 – 50% OFF

Her name is Dobrynia. She is one of Odin’s Chosen, a beautiful Valkyrie sent to claim the souls of great warriors for Valhalla. Her world, however, has grown stagnant and dull. And so, Dobrynia has risked all she knows to enter the mysterious portal that has appeared, leading into the unknown. She steps into our modern world, and in many ways enters the mouth of Hell. Rating: EXTREME controversy.

Dobrynia’s Path 2 – 50% OFF

This is a story of adventure and glory, of great battles and wars, of triumphs and defeats taking place on the Nine Worlds of Viking lore. Ragnarok has come, and as a result, an entire universe is starting to collapse in on itself. The warrior Dobrynia must rally her fellow Valkyrie, perhaps to defy even the gods as she struggles to save her world from destruction. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Monster Mayhem – 50% OFF

Monsters and more, monsters galore! What hides in the shadows or lurks in the night? What reaches out for your throat to provoke a scream that curdles your blood, to violently tear the life from your body? Could this be your answer? This full-length collection of dark prose, short stories and novellas will surely appease your palate for all things beastly and ghastly. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Raymund And Natalie’s Grand Adventure – 50% Off

It is the year 1069, three years after William the Conqueror has become King of England. The Church and barons are in a constant struggle for land and wealth. The peasants are yoked with bureaucracy and taxes. What does a mature loving couple do when they’ve had their fill of frustration and headache? They go abroad to have the adventure of a lifetime, that’s what! Rating: MEDIUM controversy.

Roaches In The Attic 0 – Non-Retrieval – You Set The Price!

For rookie Spaceman Harold Douglas, the mission sounded simple enough. Take the squad of Space Marines out, discover why the outpost had gone offline, and bring them back home in one piece. That was before the transport suddenly vanished, stranding them all on an alien planet. Now, they are fighting for their lives against the greatest threat humanity has ever seen. Rating: MEDIUM controversy.

Roaches In The Attic 1 – First Contact – 50% OFF

The natural inclination of Man is to war with other Men. This is our destiny, to grasp the stars and to bring our weapons of destruction with us. But what really is Man, and more importantly, why is Man? The great voyage begins here as Man encounters other Men, equally clever and as warlike as He is. This time, war will be waged for the conquest of the entire universe. Rating: HIGH controversy.

The Black Cellar – 50% OFF

Seventeen year old Jason Moore had enough problems to deal with. His parents had just moved from the city to the country, shortly before his high school graduation. Now, he’s discovering some very sinister, macabre secrets in the house his parents watch over. While looking for clues, he will follow a darkening path that will lead him to the most diabolical evil of all. Rating: HIGH controversy.

The Case Of The Missing Q-Drives – 50% OFF

Quantum Drives hold the memories and avatars of the formerly living. Only the rich can afford them. When many of the drives go missing, it is up to quirky Detective Varriano to find out the who, what, where, when and why. It won’t be easy, because there certain shady characters don’t want those drives to be found. In fact, most everyone involved with this case is shady! Rating: HIGH controversy.

The Throwback – 50% OFF

M.E. Nottle is a throwback to an earlier age, when men had the guts to speak their mind and stand up for their beliefs. Unfortunately, cancer almost took him. He went into cryo for a century. When he opened his eyes again, his disease was gone but his life was no longer his. His job: to go into dangerous places and die, in a universe nothing like the one he left behind. Rating: HIGH controversy.

The Two Sides Of Humburg – You Set The Price

Follow in the footsteps of the piper, as he discovers a strange new land with some very odd ideas. What will the piper choose, the bustling modern city or the quiet country town? And why, oh why, do the two mayors keep putting him in the spotlight? What is the piper to do? This is a fantasy adventure mostly for the little ones, but adults can enjoy it too. Rating: LOW controversy.

Thorns – True Tales Of The Weird – 50% OFF

This is my world. It is full of ghosts, demons, bizarre anomalies and impossible survivals. It is a place that most people never see or only get a fleeting glimpse of. I have been immersed into this darkness for most of my life. Everything in this book is real. It happened to me and to those around me. My name is Raymond Towers and these are my True Tales Of The Weird. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Two Bedroom Cottage For Rent – FREE

You’ve heard of the Amityville Horror and the Bell Witch Haunting. You might think that true, demonic ghost stories like those are things of the past, or things you only see in movies, but you’d be wrong. Here is the story of the worst Haunting I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life, when the house I lived in tried to murder me. This novella is based on true events. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Variant Worlds 1 – 50% OFF

Welcome to Variant Worlds 1. This is a collection of fantasy and science fiction ranging from short stories to novellas. In these tales, everyday people like you and I must come to grips with the strange and perilous realities that have been presented to them. Only by relying on their inner strength, their wisdom and their humanity can they forge ahead and survive. Rating: MEDIUM controversy.

Verum Et Inventa Magazine, Issues 1 through 8 – FREE

Verum Et Inventa is a free e-zine focusing on dark fantasy, horror and science fiction. We’re open to contributions from writers and readers who like substance and style over the blander mainstream norm. The editor will also provide controversy with articles and media reviews meant to incite the intellect of those open-minded enough to question traditional paradigms, social constructs and religious dogma. If you consider yourself Awake and enjoy a good story, why not download a copy today?