Non-Retrieval: System Agnostic Sci Fi RPG Adventure

Two announcements: First off, after 2 failed attempts at paying graphic artists to make the cover of my dreams, and at least 15 attempts I made on my own over the years, I went through Canva and used their cover design tools to update my sci fi novella. The result is the cover show below, which I am using both for the novella and the RPG adventure.

Second, I turned my novella into an RPG adventure. It is system agnostic, meaning I include the plot, characters and gear details, but I don’t provide RPG stats. You can do that on your own, based on your favorite RPG game’s rule system. And guess what? The adventure is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-BY), which gives you the chance to adapt and modify the adventure to your favorite game, and to make money off of it, as long as you give me, Raymond Towers, credit for having created the adventure.

The purpose of releasing the adventure this way is because people in general are not reading books, but Game Masters and players read plenty as they set up and play their RPG games. If this experiment goes well, I will see about adapting some of my other fiction in the same format, and maybe I’ll have some spending money for the holidays.

Pay What You Want for this adventure on Drive Thru RPG. Reader Sets Price for the novella on Smashwords.

About this title: This sci-fi adventure includes a bare bones outline you can tailor to fit many weird genre RPGs, an expanded outline that stays true to the original fiction it is based on, plus details for up to 15 Space Marine NPCs, 1 hostile alien race and 1 neutral alien race. Best of all, this adventure is licensed as CC-BY. You can modify it with stats for your favorite RPG, create new characters or scenarios, and market it any way you want, as long as you give Raymond Towers credit for the original work.

For rookie Spaceman Harold Douglas, the mission sounded simple enough. Take the squad of Space Marines out, discover why the outpost had gone offline, and bring them back home in one piece. That was before the transport suddenly vanished, stranding them all on an alien planet. Now, they are fighting for their lives against the greatest threat humanity has ever seen.

Space Sci Fi Quick Plots And Villains – Updated!

Just released the 5th version of this title. Over 100 pages, with 150 plots and villains, and 18 roll your own campaigns. Get this title free on Drive Thru RPG. Link below.

Ready to download on Drive Thru RPG. Pay What You Want for it, get it free, as long as you can squeeze something out of it, something fun, I’m happy. Slanted toward Space Opera or Sword And Planet aka Planetary Romance. Everything you need to get a great story started except a kick in the ass.

Get this title here:

Created with GIMP

About this title: For role-players and storytellers, this is a quick resource based on Plots and Villains from the Space Science Fiction genre. If you’d like to spice up your writing or game with ideas from classic Space Opera TV shows and from additional genre resources such as movies, comic books and RPG game-play videos, I’ve collected a number of brief Plot and Villain descriptions that you can add to your story / game, and even entire campaign outlines you can play through. Use your imagination and existing world-building tools to fill in the details. Roll a few dice to get going, and you’ve got yourself a random story starter, foes, and a series of adventures for your characters to go into space with.

Major categories in this supplement include:

Buck Rogers

Flash Gordon

Space: 1999

Starship Troopers


Here is are random Plot and Villain rolls from my Space 1999 lists. Can you create a story out of them?

Plot #31- S2E7 The Rules Of Luton

The crew touches down on a promising location / planet. When the ship malfunctions, it must return to home base right, away, and it is always a good idea to have crew members stay behind on unknown lands. As it happens, the members of the crew taste berries and pick flowers. These are criminal offenses on this strange world run by tyrant vegetation. The sentence for the unwitting crew members is combat to the death. Sub-plot: The ship the good guys came on can no longer find the planet because it has become cloaked from scanners. The planet will appear again once the conflict is resolved.

Villain #29 – S2E5 Journey To Where

Primitive tribal warriors that wield swords and shields, who live in caves and are suspicious of strangers. The uniforms and devices used by the crew are enough to anger these warriors, and so will signs of sickness caused by the environment’s cold temperatures.

Inspired By M.C. – short story collection now available

Recently re-released and reformatted. This collection of short stories, novellas and poetry spans a number of genres, including fantasy, horror, science fiction, humor and erotica. The collection is currently available for $6.99 at Smashwords.

About this title: This is a collection of my artistic, romantic impressions, inspired from dialog with my female pen pal M.C. There is a broad range to these stories, including fantasy, horror, humor, science fiction and erotica. For a time, my entire perspective revolved around this singular woman. Da Vinci had his masterpiece in Mona Lisa, and in a similar vein I have mine in M.C. Rating: HIGH controversy.

This title’s page on Smashwords.

An excerpt from The Black Rose, included in this collection:

My dreams haunt me, of her. For weeks now, I have been having them. I have seen her everywhere in my house: on the porch during the morning hours, through the windows on both floors and in the various dark corners of the house during the day. Most recently, she has appeared at the foot of my bed, in the heart of the previous night.

So often have I seen this phantom, that I can now describe her with the utmost accuracy. She can’t possibly be of a higher stature than one or two inches past five feet. Her hair is fairly long, but I have not seen it in its entirety and therefore I cannot be completely certain. Her hair is either a very dark brown or as black as pitch, as are her eyes.

Those eyes, they pierce through me like daggers.

Definitely, her features are Spanish. With the slight upturn of her chin, she reminds me much of the regal portraits I have seen of that country’s queens and princesses. Her nose is pleasant enough, her lips sensual and thick, her jowls fleshy and soft, and her bosom prominent. Always, she is enrobed in a long and flowing gown of white, which seems to flow of its own accord, even when there is no breeze to taunt and stir up against it.

Were I any lesser man, or is it one less foolish, undoubtedly my house would already stand vacant. Alas, I have neither the relatives willing to take me in, nor the funds for me to procure a new place of residence. Any ideas of my departure most closely resemble a wingless fowl attempting to take flight. Ha!

My resolve has always been to remain here, in order to confront this enticing demoness that has chosen to plague me, if indeed a demoness it is…

Balenciaga Fashions – For Your Dark Fiction NPCs

Need a physical description for your dark future fiction or role-playing game NPCs? Here you go. These models and their outfits can fit into a variety of settings: post-apocalypse, Mad Max, near future urban blight, near future horror, vampire, goth, raver, arcology gone wrong in cyberpunk, all kinds of scenarios.

Descrip: Summer 23 Collection More on

Brandon Sanderson: Lecture 1 Writing SF&F Intro

I just wasted the middle of my day looking for a literary agent. From what I’ve seen on a dozen sites, and you have to go through every single agent on a team just to see what they accept for submissions, agencies have over 90% female agents, with buzz words such as feminism, women’s voices, POC and LGBTQueer on their bios. Same goes for the rare male agent. From their listed publishing credits, I’m not seeing any balls in their books, and pretty much everything I write has big, hairy ones. That’s agencies in the US, UK, and even fucking India, for crying out loud. I’ve said it before: These suckers are so WOKE they would not publish the next Burroughs, Howard, Lovecraft, or even early King.

I’ll tell you right now, after what I’ve seen in the DC and Marvel Universe lately, on Amazon and other WOKE media venues, I could maybe turn the entire industry around with the stuff I’ve written. I’ve got the next Aliens / Starship Troopers in my novella Roaches In The Attic Zero, if I could get the right director for it, and I’m not talking about the asshole who did Love And Thunder, either. (Or Dr. Strange, or Rings Of Power, or, bahahaha, She-Hulk)

Anyway, I had this 2020 lecture playing in the background. I’ve heard several of Sanderson’s lectures before, but I might go through the entire series this time while I keep hunting for the best way to get my books in print.

Descrip: Welcome to my first (very blurry – it should be fixed for the next upload) lecture of my BYU 2020 creative writing class. As you probably surmised from the title of the video, I focus on writing science fiction and fantasy.

This class was more of an introduction for the rest of the term but I do discuss a few important things: creating writing habits, a bit about discovery/architect writing, and how writing groups should work.

Dicebreakers: Alien RPG One Shot

Sticks close to the ’79 original movie plot, but there are a couple of humorous (and absurd) moments that made this a fun listen. Wait ’til you hear what the captain does when the shit starts to hit the fan.

Descrip: In space… no one can hear you in space. creeping from the shadows like a shiny black xenomorph it’s Alien: The Role Playing game! Featuring the whole Dicebreaker team with Wheels in the DM chair we’re taking a look at this Ennie award winning horror RPG as a hauler crew from Wayland Yutani find themselves in pretty hot water and some pretty cold black depths of space…

This video was sponsored by the Alien role playing game which you find out more about here –

Read the Dicebreaker review of the Alien RPG here:…

Cyberpunk Generated Prompts

I’ve been collecting these bits and pieces since late 2018, when I went on a tear and cranked out 8 cyberpunk novels in a row. I’ve gone back now and consolidated my two genre lists of prompts into one 60 page guide and posted it in Drive Thru RPG. It is a Pay What You Want title, so you can download a free copy whenever you want. Here’s a direct link to this title.

About this title:

The Skinny: 64 pages of pre-generated examples from 38 free online random item generators and 1 book found on Drive Thru RPG, all focused on the theme of cyberpunk.

The Bacon: This is a big, big list of cyberpunk prompts that you can use to inspire your story-telling, in a number of different categories. This was the first set of prompts I used as road signs for 8 novels and 1 novella, but they were written into 2 different files and I’m finally getting around to organizing them into one volume. Use them, abuse them, find the links in the sources list and go generate your own prompts.

Everything I earn from this article will go to the creators of the online generators, because they went through the trouble of creating these generators for you and me to use.

Major categories in this article:

* the 13 illuminati families

* cyberpunk names

* characters and motivations

* adventures and scenarios

* corporation names, issues and slogans

* cars, fashion and more

* mutant backstory

Die In The Disco 5: Darkwave, Coldwave Mix

Music to listen to while I dive into dark cyberpunk fiction, featuring DJ SVMMON, Evil K and Black Angel. I could play this as background music, but I’d rather watch the first part. Have you ever seen a woman slink like that?

How about a story idea, from the YT comments:

Plot twist: DJ is in fact alone in his room, but the music summoned a demon. DJ is completely unaware if it. Only fellow demons can see her. – Aaron Metallion

Legend says she’s still trying to make eye contact with the DJ – Patrick

Let’s be honest, we are all just here for this hot sewing machine they have in the background. Dam I need one too. – Shadow The Hedgehog

Neom: Saudi Arabia’s Future Sci-Fi Cyberpunk City

200 meters wide, 500 meters tall and 1 mile long. What could go wrong? Well, how about the 9 million people that are going to live there? How about the ‘autonomous services,’ which means Big Brother, around the clock surveillance? How about 100% renewable resources, including water? Yeah, that means making your waste taste good again. Sounds like a perfect place for cyberpunk dystopia, but don’t worry, it’s totally safe for corpos to invest in, because the Saudis only stone women and hang gays from cranes outside the city.

An earlier, longer pitch, before the glass wall concept, can be found here:

Why Saudi Arabia Is Building A Linear City

Good ol’ Saudis are already displacing residents and killing opposition to the project:

Saudi Arabia’s Controversial Mega-City Project: The Line

There are other vids available on YT discussing this project, including an engineer citing average 40 degree temperatures C outside the wall (104 F), with a drop of only 5 degrees in the lowest city level. That’s still 95 degrees F, unless you’ve got massive cooling systems.

I am seeing this as a very good setting for a cyberpunk story. The line idea is pretty weak, though, because its infrastructure can’t withstand internal terrorism or external attacks, not to mention low morale for people stacked on top of each other and recycled waste.

If I wanted to create a good future city from scratch, I think I’d go with a circular grid and spokes radiating from the hub for energy lines and roads, with cars powered by air, water, solar or alcohol, which we would have already if The Powers That Be weren’t murdering all the inventors.

Wait, that’s a conspiracy theory. Big Oil is the way to go, because oil-based fuels are the only thing that can be used to power anything, ever. And, yeah, the US should sell even more high-tech weapons to the Saudis because… reasons.

Space Sci Fi Generated Prompts

Just released! Pay What You Want for this article on Drive Thru RPG. Here’s a direct link to this title.

Created with GIMP

About this title:

The Skinny: 57 pages of pre-generated examples from 46 free online random item generators, all focused on the theme of science fiction in space.

The Bacon: This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands. I needed spacy-sounding names for my previous writing project titled The Throwback. That’s when I became aware of all these online generators that could give me a bunch of random prompts all at once. Now that I am expanding my previous project into a full novel, I went back to the generators for spicing up my story-telling, I found a bunch more generators, and I put them together into a work file that I could access right away when I need a spaceship name, or a planet description, or a starter mission, which I then tweak to fit into what I’ve already written.

I thought, maybe somebody else could use these prompts? Maybe people don’t even know these generators are out there? So I went and put together a PDF file, showing the name of the generator, examples I got from it, and links to where you can get your own prompts. Some of these generators have Donate buttons on them. Everything I earn from this article will go to them, because they’re the ones that went through the trouble of creating these generators for you and me to use. I encourage you out there to do the same.

Major categories in this article:

* story structure

* futuristic names

* characters and gadgets

* spaceships

* aliens & space monsters

* stars & systems

* planets

* plots & quests

* a few miscellaneous, oddball lists