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A Guide To Speaking Forsooth

Every so often, especially when writing humorous or witty short stories, I will have my characters banter back and forth in colloquial dialects or specialized slang, such as that used by the military. Speaking Forsooth falls into this category. After browsing the Internet, and more specifically Youtube, for a quick and easy intermediate level glossary, and after failing to find one that was longer than the ten or fifteen most popular words, I have decided to create a glossary of my own. The result is this fairly comprehensive compilation, put together from various informed sources and sites that offered PDF copies I could download and browse through at my leisure. Sources are credited at the end.


Science-Based Starships And Colonies

For middle level science fiction writers, this article contains plausible elements you can use to develop a grounded, science-based scenario for a near-future Earth timeline where your characters travel into space and / or set up off-world space colonies. This article was written and designed to give you the basics and practicalities. The best science fiction writing, in my opinion, has a good, solid foundation to it. Once you have that, you can jump off the springboard of your imagination and dive into wherever your story and characters take you. In this case, it will be to the stars and beyond.


The Big List

The Big List is just getting started. This article will be updated periodically with more inspirational ideas created by random item generators found online. Version 1 contains enough cowboy and cowgirl names to populate an entire book with. The Big List was updated with v2 on October 20, 2021 to add a number of real world Italian names.