Brandon Sanderson: Lecture 1 Writing SF&F Intro

I just wasted the middle of my day looking for a literary agent. From what I’ve seen on a dozen sites, and you have to go through every single agent on a team just to see what they accept for submissions, agencies have over 90% female agents, with buzz words such as feminism, women’s voices, POC and LGBTQueer on their bios. Same goes for the rare male agent. From their listed publishing credits, I’m not seeing any balls in their books, and pretty much everything I write has big, hairy ones. That’s agencies in the US, UK, and even fucking India, for crying out loud. I’ve said it before: These suckers are so WOKE they would not publish the next Burroughs, Howard, Lovecraft, or even early King.

I’ll tell you right now, after what I’ve seen in the DC and Marvel Universe lately, on Amazon and other WOKE media venues, I could maybe turn the entire industry around with the stuff I’ve written. I’ve got the next Aliens / Starship Troopers in my novella Roaches In The Attic Zero, if I could get the right director for it, and I’m not talking about the asshole who did Love And Thunder, either. (Or Dr. Strange, or Rings Of Power, or, bahahaha, She-Hulk)

Anyway, I had this 2020 lecture playing in the background. I’ve heard several of Sanderson’s lectures before, but I might go through the entire series this time while I keep hunting for the best way to get my books in print.

Descrip: Welcome to my first (very blurry – it should be fixed for the next upload) lecture of my BYU 2020 creative writing class. As you probably surmised from the title of the video, I focus on writing science fiction and fantasy.

This class was more of an introduction for the rest of the term but I do discuss a few important things: creating writing habits, a bit about discovery/architect writing, and how writing groups should work.

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