Dicebreakers: Alien RPG One Shot

Sticks close to the ’79 original movie plot, but there are a couple of humorous (and absurd) moments that made this a fun listen. Wait ’til you hear what the captain does when the shit starts to hit the fan.


Descrip: In space… no one can hear you in space. creeping from the shadows like a shiny black xenomorph it’s Alien: The Role Playing game! Featuring the whole Dicebreaker team with Wheels in the DM chair we’re taking a look at this Ennie award winning horror RPG as a hauler crew from Wayland Yutani find themselves in pretty hot water and some pretty cold black depths of space…

This video was sponsored by the Alien role playing game which you find out more about here – https://www.alien-rpg.com/

Read the Dicebreaker review of the Alien RPG here: https://www.dicebreaker.com/games/ali…

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