Cyberpunk Generated Prompts

I’ve been collecting these bits and pieces since late 2018, when I went on a tear and cranked out 8 cyberpunk novels in a row. I’ve gone back now and consolidated my two genre lists of prompts into one 60 page guide and posted it in Drive Thru RPG. It is a Pay What You Want title, so you can download a free copy whenever you want. Here’s a direct link to this title.

About this title:

The Skinny: 64 pages of pre-generated examples from 38 free online random item generators and 1 book found on Drive Thru RPG, all focused on the theme of cyberpunk.

The Bacon: This is a big, big list of cyberpunk prompts that you can use to inspire your story-telling, in a number of different categories. This was the first set of prompts I used as road signs for 8 novels and 1 novella, but they were written into 2 different files and I’m finally getting around to organizing them into one volume. Use them, abuse them, find the links in the sources list and go generate your own prompts.

Everything I earn from this article will go to the creators of the online generators, because they went through the trouble of creating these generators for you and me to use.

Major categories in this article:

* the 13 illuminati families

* cyberpunk names

* characters and motivations

* adventures and scenarios

* corporation names, issues and slogans

* cars, fashion and more

* mutant backstory

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