Neom: Saudi Arabia’s Future Sci-Fi Cyberpunk City

200 meters wide, 500 meters tall and 1 mile long. What could go wrong? Well, how about the 9 million people that are going to live there? How about the ‘autonomous services,’ which means Big Brother, around the clock surveillance? How about 100% renewable resources, including water? Yeah, that means making your waste taste good again. Sounds like a perfect place for cyberpunk dystopia, but don’t worry, it’s totally safe for corpos to invest in, because the Saudis only stone women and hang gays from cranes outside the city.

An earlier, longer pitch, before the glass wall concept, can be found here:

Why Saudi Arabia Is Building A Linear City

Good ol’ Saudis are already displacing residents and killing opposition to the project:

Saudi Arabia’s Controversial Mega-City Project: The Line

There are other vids available on YT discussing this project, including an engineer citing average 40 degree temperatures C outside the wall (104 F), with a drop of only 5 degrees in the lowest city level. That’s still 95 degrees F, unless you’ve got massive cooling systems.

I am seeing this as a very good setting for a cyberpunk story. The line idea is pretty weak, though, because its infrastructure can’t withstand internal terrorism or external attacks, not to mention low morale for people stacked on top of each other and recycled waste.

If I wanted to create a good future city from scratch, I think I’d go with a circular grid and spokes radiating from the hub for energy lines and roads, with cars powered by air, water, solar or alcohol, which we would have already if The Powers That Be weren’t murdering all the inventors.

Wait, that’s a conspiracy theory. Big Oil is the way to go, because oil-based fuels are the only thing that can be used to power anything, ever. And, yeah, the US should sell even more high-tech weapons to the Saudis because… reasons.

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