Space Sci Fi Generated Prompts

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Created with GIMP

About this title:

The Skinny: 57 pages of pre-generated examples from 46 free online random item generators, all focused on the theme of science fiction in space.

The Bacon: This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands. I needed spacy-sounding names for my previous writing project titled The Throwback. That’s when I became aware of all these online generators that could give me a bunch of random prompts all at once. Now that I am expanding my previous project into a full novel, I went back to the generators for spicing up my story-telling, I found a bunch more generators, and I put them together into a work file that I could access right away when I need a spaceship name, or a planet description, or a starter mission, which I then tweak to fit into what I’ve already written.

I thought, maybe somebody else could use these prompts? Maybe people don’t even know these generators are out there? So I went and put together a PDF file, showing the name of the generator, examples I got from it, and links to where you can get your own prompts. Some of these generators have Donate buttons on them. Everything I earn from this article will go to them, because they’re the ones that went through the trouble of creating these generators for you and me to use. I encourage you out there to do the same.

Major categories in this article:

* story structure

* futuristic names

* characters and gadgets

* spaceships

* aliens & space monsters

* stars & systems

* planets

* plots & quests

* a few miscellaneous, oddball lists

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