Sword And Sorcery Quick Plots And Villains

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About this title: For role-players and storytellers, this is a quick resource based on Plots and Villains from the Sword And Sorcery genre. If you’d like to spice up your writing or game with ideas created by the masters: Howard, Moore, Lovecraft, and from additional resources such as The Savage Sword Of Conan comic book series, RPG game-play videos, and other similar resources, I’ve collected a couple of hundred of brief Plot and Villain descriptions that you can add to your story / game. Use your imagination and existing world-building tools to fill in the details. Roll a couple of d100, and you’ve got yourself a random story starter and foes for your characters to cross swords with.

*** This 8th version of this supplement contains over 169 Plots, over 169 Villains, both broken down into 4 Lists, and 30 Roll Your Own Campaigns inspired by popular Fantasy media, I’ll be adding more items periodically as I go along. ***

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