Science-Based Starships And Colonies

After doing a ton of writing in the sword & sorcery genre, I’m taking a break and moving into space-themed science fiction for a while. I’m looking into sub-genres such as military sci-fi, space opera and sword & planet (also known as planetary romance.) To that end, I have revised my previous PDF article on the basics. You can download it free through the Article Archive link found on my main website Raymond Towers Dot Com.

Created with GIMP

About this article: This supplement contains plausible elements to develop a grounded, science-based scenario for characters traveling into space and setting up off-world space colonies. The best sci-fi stories have good, solid foundations to them. Once you have that, you can jump off the springboard of your imagination and dive into wherever your story takes you. In this case, it will be to the stars and beyond.

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