Accepting Submissions For Verum Et Inventa E-Zine

VEI is going active again. The first 8 issues were written 100% by me while I tried to get things off the ground. Now that I have some experience at it, I’m opening up submissions to the public. Check out the guidelines below and submit whatever you want. If it doesn’t make it past Smashword’s watchdogs, guess what, I might create a Black Market, Underground special issue just for you!

Also, this mag is not for wimps! Read an issue or two to see what my fiction is like, and read a couple of articles because some people, I would even say most people, cannot handle the kind of truth and disclosure I unearth, and when I dig, I dig deep!

I Want Contributors!

ADVERTISERS: If you have artwork, a book, a movie or some other product you’d like to promote, send me an e-mail and let’s see if it fits in with the e-zine. I would love to promote material from amateur or independent producers. It’s a straight deal at this point; I will post your ad, and you can help me promote the e-zine. I don’t think I’ll get a sudden flood of advertisers, but if I do, this barter idea might evolve into something more complex. For now, free is the key word!

GENERAL PUBLIC: Readers, I am looking for submissions from you! You can send in your short stories (up to 10 – 15 pages or around 6,000 words), sample chapters, digital artwork, media reviews, commentary, author interviews, general feedback and articles on writing. These can be in a variety of topics, including history, mythology, the paranormal, the metaphysical, political corruption, advances in science, LARPing, whatever, as long as it has some kind of non-mainstream strangeness to it. How about some poetry? Fiction can range from MEDIUM to HIGH controversy, or about from PG to R ratings, because I don’t like pop culture fluff or vicarious cat stories. Bleah! I take cats apart here, sew them up and make little Frankenstein Kitties out of them.

This e-zine is a FREE publication with no outside advertising. As such, I can only reward contributors with exposure and a free digital copy. On the plus side, you have a new venue that you can pass around while promoting your work. Anything that comes along my way will be considered Creative Commons ‘copy and share’ material, and everything submitted will remain the property of the creator.

Send your submissions to:

raymondtowers777 at yahoo dot com

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