5 Monstrous Half-Human Races by Raymond Towers

After watching Mind Unveiled’s video on the Blemmyes and other monstrous races, I thought, it will be pretty cool to stick some of these weird kinds of people into the fiction project I’m working on. With that in mind, I went searching for oddities from Mesopotamia, where my story is loosely based. I came across a research paper mentioning Zoroastrianism and monstrous races, and that makes for a perfect fit. The info from the research paper is condensed into a short article, basically containing short descriptions of the five races, and I’ve added several images so you can see what they could have looked like. Get the PDF article free on Raymond Towers Dot Com, on the Freebies page. (In case you didn’t know, Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest religions, going back to the 10th century BCE.)


And a link to my sister site, where I posted the vid:

Mind Unveiled: The Blemmyes And Other Monstrous Races


ull title:

5 Monstrous Half-Human Races From Zoroastrianism


This article briefly describes five strange, and in some cases, truly monstrous, humanoid races found in ancient Zoroastrianism literature, collected for the purposes of historical curiosity and fictional creativity. Additional information on these specific races, and others, is available from more recent historical sources, especially from medieval European and Moorish tomes. I may expand or rewrite this article in the future with additional detail, but for the moment here is a quick and easy overview for your consideration. The information for this article was condensed from Domenico Agostini’s article Half-Human And Monstrous Races In Zoroastrian Tradition

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