The Cheesy Demon Of Barnemouth – RPG adventure!

System agnostic adventure for any medieval fantasy game. Note that I’m making this an Open World, so gamers can use it and modify it, and writers can use it too. The only thing that can’t be changed is my novella of the same name that is part of this e-book. For details, grab a copy and have a read-through. This adventure was just released and is available for $1.00!

About this title: This adventure setting can be used with any sword and sorcery or low magic fantasy RPG. Included are brief histories of the land of Senibrei, and within that land, the county of Bumia. Also included are detailed character descriptions for 21 military personnel that can be used in the adventure, split up into 3 squads of 7 soldiers each, made up of a sergeant with four soldiers, a sorcerer dedicated to a specific skill tree, and their wagon driver. A description of the village of Barnemouth follows, with several NPC characters and a plot outline geared toward slower paced, investigative game-play. You can substitute your own characters or tweak the plot around as you like for your personal gaming style and game system. Finally, you can read fiction based on these descriptions in my novella The Cheesy Demon Of Barnemouth.

This title’s page on Drive Thru RPG.

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And an excerpt:

Hear me, oh adventurer. You enter now the land of Senibrei, whom the ancients named after the Great Bari, son of Bray of the Long Hand, whose great and cruel reach stretched to these distant shores. Bari his name, son of Bray his father. Bari who cleaved his sword into the land, as his father had cleaved his sword into the surf before him, when they first came three hundred years past. Bray, who brought the men in their long ships, and Bari who drove the sons of those men into the land to tame it, and to conquer it from the peoples they found here.

The men of old, they said, look at this land. Here our people will last forever, as it has many traps to stumble our enemies. Look there to the high mountains, the snow-capped Three Sleeping Old Men, and cast around them their Ten Maiden Daughters. Look around us, at these great and thick woods that will split the ranks of armies. Hear the rush of waters from the deep and swift rivers that will sweep away those who come for war. The high, craggy rocks, the great woods, the hidden and dangerous places, the rushing rivers.

Look you further, at this great and large country, into the fair and deep valleys, where our crops will grow, and at pastures for our cattle to graze. Look into the forests and parks for deer and fowl, into the clear and calm waters that are full of fish. Here, the old ones said, our people will last forever. – The Poem Of Senibrei, translated from Old Bray to the Common Tongue

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