Thorns, True Tales Of The Weird – Now Available!

This book of true supernatural happenings was recently re-edited and re-released. It is available for purchase at $4.99 on Smashwords.

About this title: This is my world. It is full of ghosts, demons, bizarre anomalies and impossible survivals. It is a place that most people never see or only get a fleeting glimpse of. I have been immersed into this darkness for most of my life. Everything in this book is real. It happened to me and to those around me. My name is Raymond Towers and these are my True Tales Of The Weird. Rating: HIGH controversy.

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An excerpt from this book:

Chewy’s Dead Grandmother

I did not believe in ghosts when Chewy told me there was a ghost in his home. I asked him to tell me more about it. The ghost, he claimed, would turn lights on and off, turn the faucets on and off, and move objects such as his schoolbooks around.

It took him a little longer to get the rest of the story out. He and his sister Aurora, he said, had seen the ghost, or at least parts of it. At times, either Chewy or his sister would abruptly wake up in the middle of the night. They would hear footsteps walking around inside their bedroom. They had both seen, Chewy said, a glowing green head floating around the room with a wide grin on its face, or glowing green feet, bare and from the ankles down. To me, that sounded too much like the Slimer creature from the recent Ghostbuster movies. I scoffed at Chewy. Come over, he dared, and see the ghost for yourself.

So, I did. I remember it being a hot day. It was during the middle of summer, when we were out of school, that I made my way over to where Chewy lived. Nobody else was home at the time, as we settled in to play Space Harrier on his Sega game console. Once we got tired of that, Chewy put on the movie Top Gun on, I think, a Betamax VHS player. I got bored quickly, as the movie didn’t have enough action for my tastes. That’s when the door to Chewy’s bedroom suddenly slammed shut.

My first guess was that his sister was in the bedroom. My second was that a gust of wind must have shut the door with such force. Chewy said, nope, that was the ghost. I told him I was going over there to check it out. He shrugged and told me to go ahead. As I deliberated this, Chewy went back to watching the movie.

Shortly after, I walked into my buddy’s bedroom. I investigated any and all places where people could conceal themselves: under the two small beds, in the closet, out the windows. I tried to budge a backdoor open, but I only moved it by a couple of inches because Chewy’s father had placed all manner of junk outside. This was done to prevent Chewy or his sister from sneaking out at night.

I had no clear explanation for why the door had slammed shut, as I started back toward the living room. My best theory was that one of the windows was cracked open just enough, that maybe a sudden gust or vacuum of air resulted in the loud noise. I was just about to leave the bedroom, with my body half in and half out of the hallway. I had my hand on the doorknob and was ready to shut the door, because Chewy’s dad always liked to keep the doors shut. I had a strange and unexpected idea then, that I would shut the door, wait half a second and burst back into the room. This action was a lot like when I’d play hide and seek as a kid. Back then I would pretend that I was giving up on looking for the hiders and start to walk away. This was a ruse, where a short second later I would pounce back into the game and catch somebody coming out of their hiding place. I don’t know why I decided to do this maneuver; I just did it. That simple act ended up changing my whole viewpoint on the supernatural.

When I hurled the door open and made as if I was going to jump back into Chewy’s bedroom, my entire world went pitch black. There was nothing but darkness all around me: no door, no bedroom, no floor, no walls, nothing but empty, black space. I felt a sudden, biting terror, as my first impression was that I’d gone blind. It may have gotten cold, or I may have only imagined the cold, I can’t be certain. I do remember groping around and hoping I’d find the door again.

I saw a speck of light in the faraway distance. It rushed toward me and got bigger and bigger as it came closer. When this light was about the size of a basketball, I could see the silhouette of a person standing inside of it. The ball of light was coming at me too fast, scaring me even further. In it, I was soon able to distinguish the features of an old woman. She was in her sixties, with gray-white hair pulled back in a ponytail, aged, cracked skin on her face, wearing a green apron over a purple dress, or vice versa. In the last few moments of her approach, this old woman reached out with both arms toward me. With the collision between us imminent, I either shut my eyes or turned aside. Once I had this specter in view again, I realized that her hands were now around my neck, and this old woman was choking me to death. I blacked out.

The next thing I know, Chewy is looming over me and looking as horrified as I felt. From his viewpoint, he had seen me open the door and I immediately fell down on the floor. My fall had barely taken a second for him. From my viewpoint, I had been searching around in the dark space for several minutes. Wanting to get as far away from my friend’s bedroom as possible, I ran outside. Chewy followed close behind, urging me to tell him what I’d seen. After I told him, he scurried back into the house to retrieve one of his father’s old hardback books. Instead of using picture albums, Chewy’s father kept many of his old pictures in his old books. Chewy flipped through the pages until he found the page he was looking for. On that page was a picture of his grandmother. The woman had died I believe three years earlier. In the picture, she was wearing exactly the same clothing I had seen on the old woman that had attacked me.

Needless to say, I became an instant believer in the supernatural after that incident. Even more incredible, I was able to hypnotize Chewy a few evenings after that event took place. In a trance state, my friend went on to experience the same incident with the same woman in a very spectacular and frightening way, with several witnesses around to watch it.

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