Modiphius – Conan RPG, Kordava Series 1

I’d started watching an Ironsworn play-through by A.R. Kavli, but then I came across this one featuring the Conan role-playing game from Modiphius. Here you have a rowdy party of three adventurers and a game-master, unlike Kavli’s solo play, which was more subdued storytelling. GM Lloyd is a little loud and abrasive, overwhelming the microphone with his voice at times, but once you get used to his delivery, you might enjoy the way he steers the game. He knows the ins and outs of the game system, that’s for sure. Also, I am studying the way the party makes decisions and how they influence the path of the story.

Wait until you meet ‘Ferret.’ That is an NPC that takes a life of his own!

I haven’t forgotten Kavli, by the way, because I did like the way his story was going. I might watch the next part in his Ironsworn series today, and I am taking notes!

Descrip: Join Shaun, Charlie and Katya as Lloyd takes them on an adventure in the Hyborian Age. They’re on a peaceful mission, but can they escort young Alucio to Zingara without something terrible befalling him? This is a re-upload of the live actual play that went out on Twitch on 29th May, 2019.

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