A.R. Kavli – Ironsworn RGP, Orphans Of Ragnarokr 1

And now I’m watching 2 Ironsworn game-play series, because I love the idea of a solo RPG set in bleak lands. Kavli doesn’t have the pop and sizzle of the Me, Myself And Die show, but in a more subdued manner he does weave a very good story, he does good voice-acting, and he knows a tremendous amount of Viking lore.

During the vid, Kavli guesses at the meaning of the name Gudny, which he got from Fantasy Name Generators / Viking Names for women. He guessed the name has something to do with gods. He was right. The Name Meaning website tells us that Gudny means ‘new god.’ Baby Names Pedia and The Meaning Of The Name, on the other hand, give the meaning as unspoiled or one who is unspoiled.


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