Me, Myself And Die – Ironsworn RPG Se2 Ep10

Arn suffers in the wilderness, and must find a place to recover.

To the fishermen, “Friends, please. I assure you I am no threat to you…” Quietly, to himself, Arn adds, “Just don’t let me anywhere near something important to the survival to your community.” – Justin Schroeder

i started watching these three days ago. such high production value. so much narrative depth. this is one of the best things i’ve seen this month, definitely gonna have to buy ironsworn. – leem

Poor Arn, I was sad for the first half of the episode, but thanks the gods the Ironlands might have he get some new friends. I hope he does not destroy this city or will be another people for the new settlement Arn gonna create: Dragonsgrave. – caio cesar campos

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