A.R. Kavli – Ironsworn RGP, Orphans Of Ragnarokr 0

The presentation is a little dry, but Kavli gets into his Norse / Viking themed world-building for his play-through using the Ironsworn RPG. Since I’ve written a couple of fantasy adventures in the same theme, it’s nice to hear others delving into the lore, and being able to understand what he’s talking about.

A.R. Kavli’s author page.

A.R. Kavli on Patreon.

The Ragnarokr campaign, available on Drive Thru RPG.

Also, Kavli mentions an app to keep track of your Ironsworn characters. It looks pretty good, so be sure to check out the Webapp link below. I’d love to use it, except I need it to be offline for use while I’m writing.


Descrip: Thanks for watching! Here are links that I mentioned and remembered to add..

The PDFs… https://www.ironswornrpg.com/

The Webapp… https://gcoulby.github.io/IronswornCo…


300 Viking Names…(affiliate links, costs you nothing, but I get a little something) https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/…

UNE… https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/…

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