1 For All Se3 Ep06 – Big Bad Evil Guy

Sadly, this is the season finale. Thanks to one of the comments, I was reminded of the one-off characters we’ve seen. A lot of fans want to see those guys as rivals or even replacements for the main characters. They are the cleric, barbarian and paladin, under the authority of the necromancer from this episode.


“What would a Wizard being doing on the Coast?” I strongly approve of this wordplay. – trickyponystudios

I personally would love it if the DM felt so unappreciated by his players that he decides to leave this campaign. Season 4 starts with him being the DM for the previous guest characters instead (the Cleric, Barbarian, and Paladin) and they’re respectful and super invested in his worlbuilding and NPCs and the DM doesn’t know what to do with this at first, cuz he has kinda forgotten what it’s like to not play with a chaotic evil/neutral party. – TheBlackSquirrel

“All these NPC’s look the same to me.” The DM looked hurt when he heard that one. – GodEmperor PHATTY

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