Me, Myself And Die – Ironsworn RPG Se2 Ep09

Epic confrontation between man and dragon. Great energy by Devall!

Somewhere, far south, Simon sits on his porch, taking in the view of his village as he finishes his drink. His thoughts turn to Arn, and he wonders, “I wonder what he’s up to on such a fine evening?”. – rstag21

And here we were thinking Simon had the worst luck! Reminds me of “no money, no food, no hope, no friends!, what a guy” In season 1. I’m left speechless yet again Trevor, INCREDIBLE. I felt tense throughout knowing Arn was hanging by a thread. Oh Arn, you’re absolutely mad, what will he do next, we’ll have to tune in next time to find out. – Anny

“I think Thaugalos will DEFINITELY take the bait” rolls the dice… DEFINITE nope. Another great episode! Loved the excitement every time you rolled a strong hit. – Shawn Baldwin

Incredible episode! That was a lot of Strong hits tonight! Was on the edge of my seat the whole time, this didn’t seem like half an hour at all! I can’t wait to get my physical copies of Ironsworn and start my own adventures. This channel has me hooked on Solo-TTRPGs and what’s possible with a little creativity. – Dante Ravenkin

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