Alzur’s Legacy – The Witcher, Full Length Fan Film

Polish with English subs.

Production value is extraordinary, when you consider this is a crowd-sourced fan film. The costumes and landscapes are excellent, acting is above average but low key, and the action scenes are few and far between, making this more of a drama. No monsters, but the magic effects are decent. If you’ve seen The Witcher on Netflix, you kind of have to push that to the side before you start watching this movie, because it’s on a whole other perspective.

Oh, the age restriction is due to like 3 seconds of boobies.

Descrip: After over 4 years of hard work we release our non-profit, full-length Witcher Fan Film!


Synopsis: Quarter the century after the Rivian Pogrom (the very last events from the Witcher Saga) Kaer Morhen, an old keep of the witchers from the school of the Wolf, is being attacked. Leader of the assault is a mighty warrior – Agaius. A few years later from Aretuza, newly rebuilt school of the sorceress, runs Ornella, who has been suspected of finding the legendary Alzur’s Almanac. In pursuit comes Triss Merigold, with help of an old bard, Dandelion, his bastard son Julian and Lambert, the last monster slayer, seeking for revenge.

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