1 For All Se3 Ep2 – Pacifist Barbarian

Does this really happen in DnD? A pacifist barbarian?


Descrip: Wait. Are you a pacifist?

Why is Mogdar the cutest cinnamon bun ever??? – Eva Devore, a.k.a. Evandra

The anti party is forming. Soon, A Cleric, Warlock and Barbarian will form to destroy our protagonists. – M Eisner

A sneak preview of the next party guests, that I totally didn’t make up:- a scumbag paladin – an honest rogue – a suburbanite druid – a warlock that’s not a pretentious jerk – a blind ranger – an atheist monk – an illiterate wizard – a cleric who survives more than two sessions – Cinderball

I love how “I would like to rage” is just the standard phrase now – Patrick Star

Cinnamon Barbarians are the best Barbarians! For a one-shot I played a Goliath Barbarian with a 17 Intelligence who worked as an Archaeologist, documenting and drawing everything the party found while exploring an ancient wizard’s dungeon. It was actually quite fun and made for a hilarious tone-shift when the otherwise polite and genteel “good doctor” cleaved a Duergar in half with a greatsword after he attacked the party cleric. – Christie Hays

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