Me, Myself And Die – Ironsworn RPG Se2 Ep05

I read in the YT comments how people think this is better than watching Netflix or TV, and yeah, I can see that. I’ve been searching through Amazon and Tubi for sword and sorcery movies, but a lot of them have similar, overused plots or they’ve been Wokified and have no ‘edge’ like a real S&S movie should have.

Good timing. You talked about Arne being in a previous adventure, so I thought I’d check out season 1. I’ve been burning through them over the week and am on episode 18. I was surprised to find Arne a secondary character. I should be caught up by tomorrow night. Great show! – coolintruddle

One of my favorite things about this show is Trevor’s use of language to describe everything. He uses an extensive vocabulary that makes imagining all of this very easy. Theatre of the mind at it’s best. – Emery Marks

Could not help but laugh when they entered the tunnel and it all went to Hell almost immediately on the boat. Starting to really like Arne. A true hero. Simon can talk the epic hero but Arne delivers. How many lives has Arne saved so far and it’s only episode 5. – Steve Murphy

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