1 For All Se3 Ep1 – Bardic Inspiration

When I first watched the bard in The Witcher, season 1, I was like, what? Who is this guy? Do we really need comic relief in a grim series like this one? And then I watched season 1 again to catch the finer points, and I have to tell you, I love the bard character now.

And here in the 1 For All series, FINALLY, the heroes really shine in an episode, and it’s all thanks to the bard. Long live Antrius!


The harmonies at 4:30 are amazing. The soprano harmony (Nixie?) rings out like high clear bell, and the alto harmony (Evandra?) has a powerful driving energy. It gives me chills. Kudos to all three actors for their voice work! – DuckDuckMusic

“My mockery is vicious” Excellent delivery. – Jed Bex

You guys should do many more of these musical ones. I loved this one! Especially the three voices part. – gravia lycan

Ok! I don’t have words to describe what i just watched… The scenes, the lyrics, all the production… but… wtf, that amazing Nixie backing vocal in 4:40 gave me goosebumps. I’ll need to replay this more 5 or 6 times. – Antonio Sergio

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