Me, Myself And Die – Ironsworn RPG Se2 Ep04

Arn Kalanpunki begins his secondary quest.

Not only is this the best channel for solo rpg play, but probably better than most group rpg channels. Keep up the good work. – Solo RPG Guy

Wow! Just wow! This episode was a testament to Shawn Tomkin’s excellent system and your inexhaustible inspiration! A “simple” miss on Reach Your Destination led to a great story. Can’t wait for next week! – Elias Kokkinis

I find myself while watching this season (not unlike the last) smiling, sometimes wide-eyed, on occasion jaw dropped in anticipation and celebrating strong hits and wincing at misses… Not being codependent on any street drug, I’m assuming this is what it is like on crack?! I need more!!!! – Eric Downing

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