1 For All Se2 Ep4 – Cleric

Descrip:Vlithryn, a young and naive Triton Cleric, makes her way up onto the surface world to help those in need. Unfortunately for her, the first people that she meets are Evandra, Antrius, and Nixie.


“You’re… a sorcerer… Stop… running… into melee range!” – Giorgio Mauceri

Love the new girl, her presence really makes it that much more obvious how deranged the party is, which is saying something considering there’s an episode called murder hobos – Noble 116

And so, with Rage in her heart, she decided to multiclass into Barbarian – Bookclubish

“Yoohoo, Pirate Boy… prepare to be seduced, again!” I love Bards. – Picklejho 69

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