Me, Myself And Die – Ironsworn RPG Se2 Ep03

Devall asks the audience to come up with the name of an epic dragon-slaying spear. I’ll see what the comments say about that in a sec. The first idea that came to my mind was God’s Tooth. That will probably make it into my next writing project. In my story, I have a young war goddess named Ani, so Ani’s Tooth.

I feel so bad for Oddgeir! Gets mauled by a bear and definitely dumped in the same day. Just the worst luck. – The Once And Future Jake

Spear name: Ulvetann (wolf’s tooth in Norwegian) perhaps Wolfstone was named after it? – Josuah Sims (close to what I had in mind!)

Rather than taking an obvious naming option for the spear, I went with something decidedly Norse: Valksgipt, literally meaning “Valkyrie’s Gift.” Was it given to Vestlidi (or one of his ancestors) by an actual valkyrie? Who knows! But it’s a cool name. Maybe it also pairs with a shield that protected Vestlidi from the dragon’s breath attack (be it fire or something else). – Vileo Sufora

The spear is Aegir Tosk which is Norse for “gods tooth” – Shawn Baldwin (great minds think alike!)

Spear names: 1. Jarnkaldr (cold iron) 2. Jarnstokkr (iron tree trunc) 3. Jarnulfr (Ironwolf) 4. Hornfiskr (a type of long thin fish) 5. Varulfr (werewolf) Loved this episode! As well as your interpretation of the oracles! It may just be the superb editing but the oracles feel easy and natural! Cant wait till next week! – Joshua Meehan

I gotta say, you are a wonderful story teller. I started watching this series because i was trying to learn to play ironsworn and was super confused. You really made the game easy to understand and i just played my first one shot by myself yesterday. Keep up the great work. The story lines can twist on a whim so its amazing. My goal was to form an ironland army because one hadnt existed and i had to go from village to village gathering support from overseers (forming bonds) each bond was progress on the main vow. It was a lot of fun and honestly, way easier to manage than DnD solo – Gred Madden

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