1 For All Se2 Ep3 – Splitting The Party

On her deathbed, Nixie gives her final thoughts very, very slowly. On another note, those Undadark dice cost $130!!!


Nixie’s greatest accomplishment was that she once set a fire elemental on fire. – Chris Archer

When Nixie said “Fireball” as she died, I thought that was going to be her greatest accomplishment, performing her own funeral pyre and burning everything to the ground, but alas it poofed out. – Lionof Olympus

I legitimately thought Nixie was about to fire her last Fireball at herself and the mansion and take everything with her, sending everyone screaming from the mansion… lmao – danteelite

Nixie’s greatest accomplishment was having two parties and living her whole life keeping them secret from each other by occasionally ‘wandering off alone and splitting the party.’ – Benjamin Carter

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