Me, Myself And Die – Ironsworn RPG Se2 Ep02

Bounty hunter Arn’s progress info at Rolescape.

How did Trevor come up with that whole backstory of Arne’s father’s dying wish, with just “deflect survival” o_o it’s beyond me – Anny

“She’s not a ghost, just unpainted!” Killed me! Great show, never a dull moment. – Shawn Baldwin

What’s so great about this episode is it also explains why Arne ran when the battle in the temple with Simon and the cult looked like it was about to end with the town getting destroyed; he must have some terrible self-esteem to think he can’t make a difference when the chips are down. I’m loving the new series so far, Iron-sworn feels like it moves much faster than the last series, and I love the improved production. I hope you get a lot more watchers for this series, I like your stuff more than Critical Role for sure. – Josh Hatchette

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