1 For All Se2 Ep2 – Rules Lawyer

Hmm… This one doesn’t have a story plot, and it is less than an Interlude. It’s an example of play mechanics, and that makes it difficult to define in terms of plot. Anyway, enjoy!


Descrip: They can appear in any place, at any time. They are the Rules Lawyers. And one might even be sitting at your table this very moment!⁠

dons glasses Ahem! TECHNICALLY, she drank the potion before he was even aware of her presence. Since combat hadn’t even started yet, the punch would’ve been an unarmed attack as a MAJOR action during a surprise round, or at the very least beat his initiative and got her attack off first. And just to take “real time” into consideration, it’s ten seconds between when she starts drinking the potion to when she throws a punch. Two separate rounds. – arkainjel

I’m just happy you guys are back. But denying Nixie her fireball is just cruel. #JusticeForNixie 😂 – Max P.

AHA! Fire ball needs material components THAT AREN’T CONSUMED! Unless Nixie got robbed or lost her component pouch, she should be able to cast that spell, as she did before! Also, although Athreos or whatever couldn’t inspire himself, he should be allowed to do something else since attempting to do an illegal action DOES NOT consume your action! LAWYERED! 124 – Luar D’Andrea

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