Ghostlight RPGs: Ironsworn RPG One Shot – Oath Of Iron

These two young men jump into an Ironsworn play-through, first time, and I have to say they do a great job of voice-acting and keeping the action flow moving along. A couple of times while was listening in the background, I could swear I heard Russell Crowe’s Gladiator voice, which turned out to be Wright going into character. The game’s theme is King Arthur and Camelot.

Descrip: Graham Ward and Carson Wright learn to play the co-op TTRPG Ironsworn, a GM-less game in which heroes swear vows and face the perils of a bitter world. For this one-shot, the setting of Ironsworn has been adapted to the dark days of Camelot, and each player takes the role of a Knight of the Round Table searching for the path to truth and goodness.

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