Deerstalker Pictures: 1 For All Series Ep. 08

Vicious Mockery. Last episode from Season 1.

Descrip: While on their way to see an elf go up in flames, the party comes across a knight. When their sharp blades don’t manage to pierce his armour, Antrius decides to use his sharp wit instead.

The best vicious mockery i know is comming from a french pirate called Surcouf. When a british officer taunted Surcouf with the words “You french fight for money while we fight for honour”, Surcouf replied “Each of us fights for what he lacks most”. He avenged nation of France for all times xD – 101

This poor man was literally just vibing, just doing his job, patiently enduring their attacks and only counter-attacking to parry. He’s the hero we needed, but apparently not the hero we deserve. F. – Timeturner

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