Deerstalker Pictures: 1 For All Series Ep. 06

About tragic back-stories…

Descrip: “No, we are not doing this. We are not sharing our tragic backstories and bonding over them.”

And then Nixie and Evandra killed Antriuses parents, burned down his house, and tortured and resurrected him. – Raven Animations

I’ve played in a group that all had edgey backgrounds. Eventually they turned their attention to my Halfling Warlock “Luke Evergreen”. They all had assumed I was gonna be edgey when they found out I was a warlock, the look on their faces when it turned out that Luke’s entire family were alive and well, he wrote to them all the time and he was in a friendly partnership with a celestial unicorn was priceless lol. – Aidan Thornton

Nixie’s face lighting up when she heard “Kill it with fire” was priceless. But what really got me was the roast platypus at the end. – lieutenantkettch

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