Fantasy: Me, Myself And Die – Savage Worlds 19

The first map shown is from a pay-site. Regarding the smaller town map, I have been on the Watabou website before to generate a few random maps. I think I’ll go try to create a couple for my Guardians Of The Dead locations.

Watabou Map Generator

Seeing the map really brought it all together. You’re crafting a living, believable world here, keep doing such a great job! – alejotm000

Your series is the first to actually show me that Solo RPG can be not only fun, but also legitimately unexpected! Sometimes I have trouble coming up with ideas that make sense, you somehow manage to find something quickly that seems to fit perfectly and also gives room for interesting branching. Would love if you could go into a little bit of your thought process on it. =D Keep up the good work, looking forward for the next episode! – Wolf Fiveousix

This story arc has been so amazing thus far! Just goes to show what someone with creativity can produce using simple, yet comprehensive tools such as the Mythic Game Master Emulator and the Savage Worlds rules. For me, this is the channel on YouTube that I look forward to the most! – Kevin Peter

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