Fantasy: Me, Myself And Die – Savage Worlds 16

Wait until you hear how this battle goes!

Comments and spoilers:

Just want to say that I also think these videos are absolutely awesome. Gotta love the roleplay of the characters and the production value of the show is just top notch. Been thoroughly enjoying all the episodes and am always excited to watch the next one. Keep up the good work. 🙂 – ThoronirHere

So much to love about this episode. The “dark Druid” concept, Simon’s three-shot show, and of course, his father’s phasing in and out of existence. Wow. – Cezar Capacle

It was a great episode, not only because “The Allies” finally had some things go right, and not only because Simon finally found his father (sort of), but because it was so much fun watching YOU get excited for YOUR characters. It was clear that you were having a blast, and that was great to see and to feel that energy come across to your viewers. Keep up the great work ( or is it play). – Captain Nolan

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