Deerstalker Pictures: 1 For All Series Ep. 03

Wait for it… There have got to be some good comments on this one!

Descrip: While searching for a place to rest for the night, our party finds a clearing in the woods which looks COMPLETELY SAFE.


I’m gonna be honest but this needs to be a NETFLIX series – Gerardo Padilla

I love how the bandits are truly supportive and say their companion is beautiful. That are friendship goals! – Grimmvarg

When the bard started pissing on one of the bandits I actually DIED – Raven Artist

and here I thought Nicxie messing everything up was supposed to be a running joke in this series, but she was totally innocent this time – Sebastian Milazzo

Such considerate bandits, they gave him a pillow, a blanket AND a stuffed animal – Jonathan Wessner

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