Deerstalker Pictures: 1 For All Series Ep. 02

Nixie… OMG. From the comments, I see that I’m not the only one with an obsession!

Descrip: While trying to enter King Jerald’s Royal Garden the party encounter a lone guard blocking the path. How will they deal with the situation?

“I’ll sneak up” * walks up to guard while playing Mission Impossible on the ukulele* – Fairydrop

As distractingly attractive as that tiefling is I am in love with the Bard’s glorious hair. I gotta get locks that suave. – DrHapi

That Tiefling/player speaks to a dark, primal urge everyone gets once they get access to Fireball. – Eggs Benedict

came for the Tiefling stayed for the fun comedy.. and the Tiefling – Brett Pid

The tiefling is adorable. And dangerous. And my type. – ArsArma

People are talking about Nixie of course – the giggle anime-like pyro cutie-girl will obviously appeal to many. I just wanna say that guard was attractive. I wouldn’t mind tasting “the king’s justice.” – Phalxxx

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