Fantasy: Me, Myself And Die – Savage Worlds 14

This and my Brackenbury posts are my comedy for the day.


Been making my way through this for the last week. Never watched a role play show before, but this has been absolutely captivating. Ive actively chosen to watch this over Netflix lol. Question: How did Edbert not atone with the destruction of the temple? It was also his sword that went through the necromancer’s heart. I’m thinking that ghost needs to let him go. – Shaun B

I’d have thought that Cherylynn might give Edbert a bit of a break seeing as he slew Zyrator. Surely that would at least count as a step in the right direction for his redemption? This was an amazing conclusion to the whole Necromancer story thread. As always, I can’t wait until next week. – Andy Simmons

You have my respect sir! I think you are brilliant and I love the passion that you are putting behind all this. Please keep doing what you are doing!! More people need to watch this show! – Daimonon Vrosis

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