S&S: Conan – Xuthal Of The Dusk Audiobook

An hour and a half of Conan in a haunted desert city.


I took an advanced Literature Seminar in Fantasy as an accelerated course this summer. We have to read 4 Conan stories, including this. Thanks to these Conan audiobooks, I have been able to listen on my way to and from work. It has me ahead of schedule and I have enjoyed listening very much. Thank you very much. – Patrick Sweeney

The Priestess – “A god must have his sacrifices. When I was a child in Stygia the people lived under the shadow of the priests. None ever knew when he or she would be seized and dragged to the altar. What difference whether the priests give a victim to the gods, or the god comes for his own victim?”

Conan – “Such is not the custom of my people,” Conan growled, “…the Hyborians do not sacrifice humans to their god, Mitra —by Crom, I’d like to see a priest try to drag a Cimmerian to the altar! There’d be blood spilt, but not as the priest intended.” – Jason Keays

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