Fantasy: Me, Myself And Die – Savage Worlds 10

The saga continues. Don’t read the comments until after… spoilers!

Absolutely amazing episode. RPG storytelling at its finest. This is why people play these games, for moments like this..truly epic. Thank you for allowing us to come along for the ride. – Kiddith

Oh WOW this is INTENSE. I ended this episode almost in tears of joy and relief (wife came half way through and she watched….. and now she`s hooked too). I could seeee the red in your face as Simon the not so sucky gave that final death blow to the cultist leader. After 45 years of DMing,  I can say with some conviction, you are beyond a-n-y- doubt THE best DM I have e–v–e–r encountered….. and played solo too wow. I pride my self on solo play (I play solo as much as group participation). Its no exaggeration to say, this series has utterly changed my gaming life and set me on a path of new inspiration. It is with a huge thank you I bow low to your skill, and acknowledge the sheer amount of time, effort, and dedication it must have taken you to put each episode together for us all to enjoy. Best of all.. I still have so many more episodes to watch and enjoy, of bliss. Pleeeeease make more of these, you just have to. Its the best thing since… since…. since Simon became   “Simon the Cult Slayer”Ohh I need one of those Simon Mugs now lol.Anyway, I`m of to watch more now.. Can`t wait to see what unfolds next. – Stephen Gilbert

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and it was SO WORTH IT, I love Simon so much! – Anixara Jones

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