Fantasy: Me, Myself And Die – Savage Worlds 7

This is the best episode yet. Don’t miss it!

Don’t read the comments until after the episode, because… spoilers!

I would buy a shirt/mug/merch with “Simon sucks” on it in a heartbeat! Bonus points if you use the D20 from the series logo, but with the “1” forward. (Or maybe make it a “loaded” D20, with none of the sides reading higher than a 3, or something… Poor, poor Simon.) – Elle Autumn

Me: How unlucky will simon be this episode? four minutes in THAT happens me: wOW – Anixara Jones

Another incredible episode. Stonebolt is my name suggestion. I sure hope that the creators of Mythic and Savage World are reaching out to you. I have yet to see a production of this quality for us solo gamers. Because of you and this show i purchased savage world and i cant believe i am alone in that. Thank you and keep it up. – Kiddith

Crossbow name: “Hunted feather” in homage to the magic feather that turned into a head by the hunted spirit… Btw i think the ghost is the one that need to be turned into a wild Card 🤣 – Ace PT

Dude, the GHOST IS THE MVP OF THE PARTY SO FAR, and I’m crying laughing 😂 🤣😂 – Apoc Knight

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