S&S: Quick Plots And Villains Article

I just published this on Drive Thru RPG! It is listed as a Pay What You Want title with a suggested price of $1.00, but hey, if you want it free, go get it!

About this title: For storytellers, this is a quick resource based on Plots and Villains from the Sword And Sorcery genre. If you’d like to spice up your writing or game with ideas created by the masters: Howard, Moore, Lovecraft, and from additional resources such as The Savage Sword Of Conan comic book series, RPG game-play videos, and other similar resources, I’ve collected a number of brief Plot and Villain descriptions that you can add to your story / game. Use your imagination and existing world-building tools to fill in the details. Roll 1d100 twice, and you’ve got yourself a random story starter and foes for your characters to cross swords with.

*** This first version of this supplement contains 31 Plots and 21 Villains, so use 1d20 for now, or a random number generator within range. I’ll be adding more periodically until I get this article up to where I want it. ***

Link to the article page on Drive Thru RPG.

Sample plots:

Plots By Robert E. Howard (6 plots)

1. / 1. Right after a conflict, the protagonist gets horny and chases a sexy seductress off, off and away, until he runs into and fights her powerful brothers. (Robert E. Howard – Conan, The Frost Giant’s Daughter)

2. / 2. While attempting to steal a priceless gem, the protagonist meets an ancient creature held captive by a powerful adversary. (Robert E. Howard – Conan, The Tower Of The Elephant)

3. / 3. After saving a runaway slave girl, the protagonist and she escape into the desert and hole-up in ancient ruins that turn out to be more than expected. (Robert E. Howard – Conan, Shadows In The Moonlight)

4. / 4. The protagonist is drawn into a feud between a priest and a nobleman in a city, and ends up trapped in a house and hunted by a beast. (Robert E. Howard – Conan, Rogues In The House)

5. / 5. Through divination, a princess promotes the protagonist as captain of her armies, just before an assault on a wicked adversary begins. (Robert E. Howard – Conan, Black Colossus)

6. / 6. A protagonist takes up with pirates / outlaws who plan to raid a city of ruins in the jungle / forest. (Robert E. Howard – Conan, Queen Of The Black Coast)

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