Fantasy: Me, Myself And Die Savage Worlds 5, 6

This guy is off the hook. Entertaining stuff, even if very little happens game-wise like in Part 5.

Simon’s persuasion skills are so bad, he ends up getting persuaded by the NPCs he’s trying to persuade. He makes everyone else seem like cunning negotiators just by standing next to them. – Stark Maximum

North’s intention is to point people in the right direction. – Roy Blumenthal

I like how the world is being generated spontaneously, but it still feels structured, primarily by both Simon’s motivations, and the cold, hard dice. It’s really awesome. Also, Edbert’s catchphrase has got to be, now: “I’ve seen things like this before!” – Armana 1404

I screamed at my monitor with that cliffhanger… what a place to leave it! – Elle Autumn

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