Horror: H.P. Lovecraft – The Beast In The Cave Audiobook

I need more Lovecraft in my S&S project, and I’m going way back in time to get it. The Beast In The Cave was written in 1905, when Lovecraft was only 14 years old, and already he showed great talent in crafting stories. You might go crazy when I show you this, but here is a link to where you download or purchase all of Lovecraft’s fiction, as well as a lot of other stuff written by great authors from the early 20th century, including R.E. Howard’s Conan stories!

Pulp-It.com’s home page.

Pulp-It.com’s Lovecraft Omnibus page.



Descrip: The Beast in the Cave by H P Lovecraft Read by Nick Gisburne


Synopsis: Lost in a cave, the protagonist encounters a strange beast as he searches for his guide. (H.P. Lovecraft – The Best In The Cave)

Villain: A large, white-haired ape-like creature with humanoid features.

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