Fantasy: High Rollers – Ironsworn RPG Playthrough

I had this playing in the background while I did a bunch of stuff. The purpose was to see what a story would look like, but there wasn’t a whole lot of meat to this 2.5 hour game. Sure, the players had a good time, but their characters didn’t accomplish much: they fought large spiders, survived a fire and met up with a shady character, so nothing really epic. Also, I wanted to see how the Vows in Ironsworn would affect the story, but in this case I felt it was minimal.

I do have a couple of other playthroughs I’d like to watch, with the idea of having my Guardians Of The Dead characters entering the RPG at some point. What I might have trouble with is a series of bad dice rolls, like what happened several times in the video, that would hamper or injure my characters in the moment, because I like to plan out my writing projects 3 to 5 pages in advance. On the other hand, I did like how the story took wings on the fly thanks to all three players giving their input.

Kim, Mark and Ted take on Ironsworn; a co-op tabletop RPG where everyone shapes the adventure! Check out Ironsworn here:

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