S&S: Jirel – Black God’s Shadow Audiobook

Written by C.L. Moore (Catherine Lucille) and published in 1934. Who is Jirel Of Joiry?

Jirel of Joiry is a fictional character created by American writer C. L. Moore, who appeared in a series of sword and sorcery stories published first in the pulp horror/fantasy magazine Weird Tales. Jirel is the proud, tough, arrogant and beautiful ruler of her own domain — apparently somewhere in medieval France. Her adventures continually involve her in dangerous brushes with the supernatural.Wikipedia

Imagine R. E. Howard tossing in his tough guy action scenes into a large cauldron, and H. P. Lovecraft mixing it up with Cthulhu broth. C. L. Moore comes in to spice it up, and her warrior woman ends up becoming the famed Red Sonja. Moore’s writing style, in the one story I’ve read and listened to, is a very sharp contrast to Howard’s drier, get to the point directness. She broods and embellishes within her character in what almost reads like dark poetry. In Black God’s Shadow, not much happens during the 20 pages, but you are shown a surreal landscape of some danger, and a lot of perceived danger that gives the story a dreamy, nightmarish quality.

I read the story out of sequence, grabbing it at random this morning from the six I’ve got in my files. I’ll jot down the correct sequence and give you a link to where you can read them free. The story is 20 pages long and takes 1:15 to listen to.


Descrip: The follow up to Black God’s Kiss by the great C.L. Moore. The only copy of this story on all of YouTube! (No kidding! I went through four different Youtube searches before this popped up. YT’s algorithm really, really sucks.)

Update: I forgot to add the synopsis, because I’m keeping track of them. – A warrior, haunted by the memories of her murdered lover, enters a surrealistic land filled with danger. (C.L. Moore – Jirel, Black God’s Shadow)

Moore’s Jirel stories include the following:

  • “Black God’s Kiss” (October 1934)
  • “Black God’s Shadow” (December 1934)
  • “Jirel Meets Magic” (July 1935)
  • “The Dark Land” (January 1936)
  • “Quest of the Starstone” (November 1937), with Henry Kuttner
  • “Hellsgarde” (April 1939)

(Quest of the Starstone is not in the Jirel Of Joiry collected stories. I’ll look for a link to it when I get to the story in sequence.)

Read Jirel Of Joiry on Archive.org.

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