Fantasy: Diablo I – Character Classes And Magic Spells Part 3

The first two posts listed every magic skill in Diablo I. Now we’re taking a look at how you can implement those skills into your fantasy story or RPG game.

Creating New Characters

1. Do you want your new character to have a D1-based starting skill? Here is a list of the skills you can begin with:

1. Item Repair4. Search
2. Recharge Staves5. Identify
3. Disarm Traps6. Rage

Choose one of the above skills or roll 1d6 and get one at random. Take note that Recharge Staves and Identify might work better for mages, and Rage for melee characters, but hey, mixing and matching here is what we’re after for creating a unique character. If you’d rather start your character with no skill, go to step 2.

2. Proposed Skill Trees

Fire Tree 1Fire Tree 2Holy TreeLightning Tree
A. Fire BoltA. InfernoA. Holy BoltA. Charged Bolt
B. Fire BallB. Fire WallB. Stone CurseB. Lightning
C. Fire GuardianC. Flame WaveC. ResurrectC. Chain Lightning
D. Ring Of FireD. Fire ElementalD. Holy ApocalypseD. Lightning Nova
Non-Combatant 1Non-Combatant 2Blood Mage
A. HealingA. Mana HealA. Magic Flash
B. Identify / InfravisionB. Mana ShieldB. Blood Star
C. Telekinesis / Town PortalC. PhasingC. Blood Spirit
D. ReflectD. WarpD. Magic Immolation

Each skill tree has four levels of increasing power. You can use the skill trees for your main characters, or you can use them to keep a progression of skills for any hirelings your protagonists hire or join up with along the way. Of course, you can tweak your character’s skills anyway you want. These are all suggestions to help you create a better story.


My new writing project is titled Guardians Of The Dead. In this concept, I will introduce a group of warrior women who, out of necessity, are leaving their isolated home in the wastelands and entering the rest of the world. The world will have a medium level of magic, but I want it to be weird magic, like I’m seeing in Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, which do have some Cthulhu elements in them, and perhaps every race will have their own short set of abilities as seen in Step 2.

As a writer, I don’t like taking the easy way all the time. After looking over the proposed skill trees, I thought, which one do I like the least for an offensive mage? That would be the Blood Mage tree, and after thinking it over, I thought, okay, I can use that tree for my warriors, because they are physical fighters first of all, but they are capable of wielding a short but powerful amount of magic.

Instead of a Blood Mage tree, in my story it will become the Ether Mage tree, with power coming from the fabric of the universe and concentrated into moonstones (feldspar). The warriors must meditate manna into the moonstones to gain a charge. At first, they will only have the first spell available to them, but the more they advance in their adventures they will open up successive skills and incur less cost in casting them. There will be a cost to using magic, and it will be a draining or even painful cost, but I haven’t decided on the specifics yet. Here are my initial thoughts for the skills, but this may change as the story progresses.

Ether Flash – Within a short range, this spell burns at corrupt beings. The more corrupt the being, the stronger the burn will hurt. Holy and pure beings are not affected.

Ether Star – (or Ether Orb) This spell casts a glowing star the size of a softball at a target. Corrupt targets will suffer. Maybe, I haven’t decided, but holy or pure beings will become energized or revitalized, but not healed, with this power.

Ether Spirit – This invokes a temporary guardian spirit that will protect the warrior, or the group of warriors for a short time. This is an expensive spell to cast.

Ether Immolation – This spell is cast on a single target. It burns away corruption with a sort of holy fire, but the fire will be white / silvery and not the usual orange / red / yellow of true fire. This is also an expensive spell to cast, and it won’t be accessible until much time has passed.

(All effects in this skill tree will be seen as white or silvery, perhaps with a mercury sheen.)

Those are my first impressions, so they might change as I get to writing. Keep your eyes open for posts with the Guardians Of The Dead title, because they are coming soon.

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