Fantasy: SLC Crusaders – Choosing A Combat Gambeson

And here I thought this was going to be a quick watch. I need to watch it a second time because about halfway through the hosts started throwing in a ton of specifics. And I’m curious to see them fighting as well, so I might find a combat video showing that next.

Salt Lake City Crusaders website.

Decrip: A guide to gambesons and padding for Armored Combat. Topics include style, materials, and cleaning.

Shop for gambesons as Steel Mastery. (Awesome threads!)

Quilted armor page on Facebook.

Recipe for Gambeson Spray: -1x 750ml bottle of spiced rum – 20-200ml of Grain Alcohol (preference may vary) -10-15 drops of each essential oil (Clove, Frankincense, Orange)


Notes: My characters are starting off in a wasteland with scarce resources. I like the gambeson as protection against cold, like a long coat lined with fur, plus for animal attacks and initial fighting early in the story. As my characters travel into less cold and temperate climates, however, I think the weight and mobility will become an issue, and they either have to trade their gear or modify it themselves.

Colors: black, dark bark brown, rock gray, if they have the money for dyes or access to a fabric maker. Out of necessity the gambesons will be made of available wool. And they don’t have to be washed often because scented oils can be used for that, so they can conserve water and not have to wear smelly clothes. Don’t forget the weight of 11 pounds on those long treks through the mountains.

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