Fantasy: Dave Thaumavore – Ironsworn RPG Base Mechanics

I’ve wanted to dive into Ironsworn for a few months, ever since I discovered it on Drive Thru RPG. The game is designed for solo play, and that is something that really intrigues me as far as story craft and world-building. The learning curve sounds significant, giving me pause. Should I read the manual and start writing, or should I jump in and tackle the game head on, come what may, as I write my next story? What if my characters get massacred before my story even gets rolling?

The Ironsworn RGP manual is available as a free PDF on Drive Through RPG.

Descrip: Ironsworn is a tabletop RPG written by Shawn Tomkin and published in 2018 under a creative commons 4.0 license. It is FREE to download, and can be run solo, co-op or GM+players.

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